Emirati Women's Day Run (Al Ain)

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 21.08.2023

“No comments is needed here ”

Ushasri P. - 19.08.2023

“Thanks to Organisors and the volunteers present. The cheering team has done a great job. It could have been more organised. The bibs were not sufficient for all participants, who registered online before the closure and the announcement was not clear. I understand the run was for a general reason not for a competition, but many missed it as there was no proper guidance towards the track.”

Anonymous - 19.08.2023

“ الفعاليه جميلة الرجاء عمل فعاليات اكتر ”

Aljoori A. - 19.08.2023

“Great event and nice gathering ”

Aljood A. - 19.08.2023

“Great event and nice gathering ”

Laila A. - 19.08.2023

“Event organizers have done excellent job. Coaches and support staff were very friendly and welcoming. The sport varied from metal to physical focus. The run activity needed better instructions and rapping. Overall wish to happen every month worth to join with kids and family.”

Alex A. - 19.08.2023

“The whole thing was not well organized.. bib numbers were not enough .. the activities are are not activities.. I expected more especially for Emirates women”

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