The Women’s Cycling Challenge 2021

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Overall Rating
Vanessa M. - 17.10.2021

“Start time must be earlier next year. It was too hot. Very well organized- lovely wooden medals ”

Charlotte W. - 10.10.2021

“It would be good to have a more organised start with fast riders starting first, followed by slower riders. From my perspective the start was a little bit dangerous, as faster riders had to overtake slower riders. As there was a big group of riders the organisers could organize different start groups by average km/h such as 33km/h and above; 30 km/h above and 25 km/h above and below. I believe this would minimize the likeliness of crashes.”

Lisa W. - 09.10.2021

“Way too hot, the race needed to have started at 530am.”

Nabeela A. - 09.10.2021

“The start time was delayed for 30 minutes. By the time we started it was way too hot! The escort cars were very disturbing, driving right close to us splitting the dust on the track which was disrespectful! The medal wasn’t nice!”

Liliana P. - 09.10.2021

“To Divide categories only in 2 groups is so unfair. The gap between 18-31 is 12 years. And above 30 can be a gap of 30 years. You can't make compite a 31 YO against 56 YO. On top of that nobody can compite against professional rides like Dubai Police. That is cheating. I will never participate again and wil not encourage my friends. ”

Anonymous - 09.10.2021

“Professional teams should not be allowed to race. This race is to entice women into racing. We had a pro team with headphones (which stated on the rules was not allowed) being told what to do. The race was controlled by these women abs the track blocked so no one else could get by making us ride st 23km/hr. Most women where then too afraid to come to the front incase these ladies would say something. Having spoke with women after they said the race was slow and boring after the first 10k. ”

Irina B. - 09.10.2021

“Event was great and would be good to receive email with all details about the run. Also to be improved the support before the start as was not clear where to go. The water during event was warm, good that it was many places. The ride itself and track were just amazing!!! Really thank you so much for organizing this event!”

Claire G. - 09.10.2021

“Great event but would have been better to start slightly earlier. Really enjoyed it thank you!”

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