Dubai Investments Green Run

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Tlhogi M. - 18.01.2022

“It lacked proper coordination. Roundabout everything was done in a sudden mode. You could easily tell from the timing of the program... delays in starting times, coordination of traffic at the time, the public announcement. The event also lacked logistics such as markings of distance, water stations, and truth be told, the course was not exactly the distance of 5km, it was around 4.45km(not sure who measured this). Compared to most races that I have paid for, the was a definite poor outcome”

Abbie D. - 17.01.2022

“medals for all finishers was mentioned when I registered last November then it was deleted before the event.. ”

Anonymous - 16.01.2022

“Suppose to provide with medals ? ”

Anonymous - 16.01.2022

“There is U turn not they fixed electronic chips. The most of the people their coming not proper finished 5 km. there is no have finisher medal.”

Siim S. - 16.01.2022

“The route and running was very well organized, though would be better if to choose the T-shirt size when registering as there were only small and medium sizes left. Not much use when needed large :) Big minus side is that some partner organizations definitely didn't get the idea of the GREEN run. Free complimentary fruit is absolutely nice but packing them all separately in plastic??? And less promotional leaflets on paper would've been great.”

Ion G. - 16.01.2022

“When I signed up, medal for finishers was mentioned in the description. Towards the event, this info was removed. And they didn't give medals to all finishes indeed.”

Diniru Sathnidu D. - 16.01.2022

“It was really fun and I enjoyed it the most. I won as well. I am very happy.”

Wayne H. - 16.01.2022

“Great run but Green message was lost - being handed water in a normal plastic bottle and an apple wrapped in plastic - as well as having to drive a 60km round trip to pick up the shirt seems to contradict the key message of the run!”

Anonymous - 16.01.2022

“no finisher medal. compared to other race events, skechers, autodrome,etc. the organizers were very bullyish in gheir emails asking ppl to come 1 hr before starting time which was not adhered to anyway very irresponsible used the "go green" as an.excuse to be careless about basic to dos in organizing a run all the while trying to be extra prescriptive to the participants”

Anonymous - 16.01.2022

“It was a good event.”

Peter P. - 16.01.2022

“A very peaceful and friendly atmosphäre. Helpful staffs and many happy people.”

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