DPR 8km Fun Run

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Overall Rating
Amr A. - 10.12.2018

“great event - Great event”

Anonymous - 23.11.2018

“A Good Free Event - The mascots and super heroes made the event instagrammable. If I were to make a minor complaint, it would be the water stations were incorrectly promoted to be every 2 kms. The first water station didn't really show up until past the 3 km mark. Also, didn't really hear what the promoted prizes were as I had no clue what time they were presented. Otherwise, it's a good free event.”

Anonymous - 19.11.2018

“It was fun - thanks - I think given the beautiful location, and licenced characters at this place, the "fun run" could be even better. Participants would cherish a finisher's medal - no matter the quality. And even having more than 3 or 4 people in the final kilometre cheering would have made a tremendous difference. Hopefully it will reach the experience of a Disney running event in the future.”

Anonymous - 19.11.2018

“Good event but execution was not professional - Overall I believe it was a great idea to organize the event, I enjoyed the atmosphere but did not like the fact that the refreshment stations were not arranged as promised. It was announced earlier that there would be one after every 2 km-s, however the first one was placed at the 3.5 km mark with a sign saying "2 km", which was very confusing. I think it would be a great event if this matter was resolved. Thank you and good luck with future events. :) ”

Vinod R. - 18.11.2018

“OK - OK”

Maria Cristina D. - 17.11.2018

“It was ok but needs a lot of improvement - I hope they get Sponsors next year to have atleast bananas or chocolate give-aways after the run. Move the first water station at 3km for easy drink for non-professional runners. I hope even a plastic medals are given for souvenirs. Thanks for the free Fun run.”

Hussain A. - 17.11.2018

“It was a good event - Wish they were tracking chips to clock the timings ... I finished in 42.39 minutes... :)”

Ben E. - 17.11.2018

“A great fun run - The even was amazing,it was a good fun run and definitely we’re gonna run again next year!”

Jon B. - 17.11.2018

“Dreadful. Even for free! - This is not a fun run around the parks. 7.2km ont the road outside the park, then 500m through a deserted Riverland. Surely for a theme park run, kids would be encouraged, but no, they banned under 15’s and tried to take strollers off the course! Awful water stations at the wrong places, no first aid that I could see (guy sotting on the side of the road covered in blood and just a marshal offering water). As bad as it gets I’m afraid and looks bad on DPR. Good opportunity wasted. ”

Muhammad B. - 17.11.2018

“Was a great event - Premier online is always #1 in healthy activities, encouraging corporates to participate (their teams) in such an events will help more people to be a part of sports activities..... Like me; I am a member of Premier online but i came to participate in this run because of Dubai Fitness Challenge as our parent company is part of Dubai Fitness Challenge 30x30”

Anmol S. - 17.11.2018

“Completed in 49mins - Loved the event, only problem was that there was no communication with the organiser after registering and in the morning the contact number of the organisers was not working.”

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