District One Aquathlon 2021

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Anonymous - 12.12.2021

“Positives: #venue #location Negatives: #no regular updates or announcements pre-race. this was an issue in Kalba Beach race as well. #buoys not visible. #no kayak support, some people struggled in the water. #no wave start for kids and adults. #no control over competitions short cutting distance, on the first buoy and 3rd buoy. However information was not clear. #no control over competitors walking or running the distance in the water. #not clear information about the swim course for sprint.”

Anonymous - 12.12.2021

“More of a Morning Refreshments?and informations about the Race course details. Also Why the Medals have a late date at the back?”

Gary T. - 11.12.2021

“The participants are abit confuse to the instruction.... But total it is quite organized... Hoping more races to come in the future.... A whole new experience... Especially in the water.... ”

Darwin M. - 11.12.2021

“No photos, No 2nd and 3rd place awards for age groups. Not clear instructions for swimming route. ”

Mohamed S. - 11.12.2021

“This was quite amazing experience, didn’t expect this much from a sporting event. Both the exposure and the experience from this is priceless and I am looking forward with new goals/achievements for the next year’s event.The coordination and the management of the event was notable and never experienced any worse/bitter situation. See you next time. ”

Gil M. - 11.12.2021

“Outstanding organization. Thanks to all the volunteers ”

Anonymous - 11.12.2021

“Would like to know the course in advance of the race. To go in the water before race to get used to the temperature. The buoys to be a brighter colour and not the same as the swim caps. ”

Anonymous - 11.12.2021

“Great location and would love to see more events like this there. Two observations: Course map at the location would have been good. Marker buoys needed to be larger and more visible. ”

Ismail Onur D. - 11.12.2021

“Buoys can hardly be detected on the water, no race map no proper race briefing nothing just chaos. The official guy just explained the route right before swimming nad then he said go! A race bin had to be worn which was not explained either, so I had to buy a race belt there buoys were so small that you need to be some sort of scout to detect them, in short just rubbish”

Haamid S. - 11.12.2021

“The swim buoys were too far apart and poorly positioned. I lost direction all the time, especially given the fact that we were swimming in a circular direction. ”

David C. - 11.12.2021

“Nice place but the organization was not a must. At de end thanks to the security guys there was not confusions but no panels, not very clear briefing… but good at the end”

Markus K. - 11.12.2021

“Race briefing online and on racing day has to improove”

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