Colnago Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge 240km

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Mishal A. - 19.03.2023

“Was an amazing rout LOVED IT, The group division wasn’t good, I joined 31km/h average speed group, & I ended riding solo from 85km to finish as the group was going much slower, the average speed is for the total ride not for flat sections only, I did 31.9 total average speed solo. I also recommend to add one more station only for this series as it’s close to summer & it gets hot at mid day and I saw many cyclists stoping to buy water, overall it was a GREAT challenge. ”

Yann B. - 19.03.2023

“Very good organization and excellent social atmosphere. But the course is practically only on motorways, and support cars are often far behind you in the hilly parts, where rider groups stretch quite a lot. This gives a feel of exposure to the fast-pace traffic. The poorly-lit tunnels, near the top, are particularly scary - keep some battery life in your back-lights for those !”

James C. - 19.03.2023

“Awesome...can't wait for next year”

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