BTA League Race 6 Sprint Triathlon

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7.5 Good Event · Participation 6+ times I would take part again Yes

“Overall it was a good event and race, only thing I could comment was that since we are more athletes this year I found the bike transition area to be very crowded and people were pushing and rushing trough the area which is a tad dangerous. We should consider a larger area or perhaps some marshals to guide guys past without trying to run each other over. Thanks guys keep it up! ”

6.8 Bad start Monica Van Vuuren · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Timing brought forward and then finally starting 30 min after the initial start time.”

6.1 Poor event for kids · Participation 3 times I would take part again Maybe

“Inconsistent distances from race description, Poor planning and rule adherence. Every event has appeared to be a “last minute panic” with very little planning or feedback regarding results, distances, rules, etc. ”

8.0 Excellent event for new racers Neil Brown · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes

“ Well run event. Excellent marshalling and support to the racers.”

7.0 Sprint tri. · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes

“Adults' race was fine. Marshalling was good. ”

6.1 Very disappointing organization,kids race joke!!! Martina Jezdikova · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“This was the most disorganized event ever! First you change the timing to an earlier start with no direct communication to participants. Then you actually start later than the original start! The kids race was a joke and you should seriously think about it. You actually needed a help of parents to star it. Get a whistle to avoid shouting. And deliver the distances you communicate (not half of it).Adults race organization ok-don’t change instructions for running after the race starts though!”

5.2 Upset from kids race Mohamed Mahari · Participation 2 times I would take part again Maybe

“I think organizers can have better attention with kids while racing with dedicated team! My son was asked to leave the course by non-member non-organizer. Just imagine his feeling! Very very bad. ”

4.8 Poor organization Carlos Gutierrez · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“The Kids races are just money gathering, my 13 year old was really upset as they only made them run 500 meters vs de 2 km that were supposed to happen. Lots of screaming, as the organizers didn’t have microphones. On the adults, coming back for the bike/Running transition, it was so purely signaled that I went straight to the bike instead of going left to the correct marker. Event started late for both races. Sorry bad rating, with lots of potential as people are very positive about the event.”

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