BTA League Race 4 & 5 Sprint Aquathlon & Duathlon

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Overall Rating
Ileana C. - 30.09.2018

“Feedback - I love that you open these events for kids (it's actually them that race, not me.) It would be much better if you could have a separate transition area for the kids, especially when they are racing wth bikes. At the race on the 29th it was hard for the kids to get their bikes out and transition when all the adult bikes were there too. It would make the transition seem less intimidating for them. Overall a great event with a really good atmosphere, well done and thank you!”

Mark L. - 28.09.2018

“Good but more attention to detail needed - Better organization than previous years, however, I was not given a finishing stick at the end of the race. My number was 4060 and the finisher one person behind me was position 45. He confirmed this with the race officials and they did say they would rectify the mistake. I really hope they do. Thank you”

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