Boost Bahrain Open Water Series 2018- Race 1

8 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 22.10.2018

“Great event spoiled by DJ playing music too loud. - Really enjoyed the event. The main issue was the dangerously loud music being played constantly where all the people had to gather. The staff tried to get the DJ to turn it down, but he repeatedly turned it back up. I was worried about the sound level damaging the ears of the children and adults at the event. There was also a lack of toilet facilities near the venue. Only one toilet for all those people? I would recommend that temporary toilets are hired.”

Bernard M. - 07.10.2018

“Punctual and safe event. - Event started on time and with minimal fuss. Perhaps a timing chip would help. Also, if more information about the event (course/registration processes/equipment needed) where given more that 3 days before the event, that would be helpful.”

Anonymous - 06.10.2018

“A great first event - My daughters’ and mine first experience of competitive swimming. Well run, well marshalled and clear pre race briefing. Definitely do again Thank you to the organisers for a great event. ”

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