Bike Abu Dhabi Gran Fondo 2023 (For Past Participants)

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 21.11.2023

“Was crashed into inside the first 7km took me out of the race. Brought back to start in an ambulance. Was told go to a&e even though I had just smashed my head off the ground at 40km. I thought the whole reason for the pods was to start everyone at different times. Didn't learn from last year's mistakes. ”

Hans L. - 20.11.2023

“Very well organized at the start; Perfect road closure; Plenty of water stations handing out bidons. A luxury Gran Fondo!”

Richard L. - 20.11.2023

“The start pens were a great introduction compared to last year. But after we cycled from that we cycled around to the start where we all queued up more tightly bunched and had to wait. And wait. set us off later from the pens. Also explain the rules who to the competitors whilst in the pen in Arabic also. As most people didn't have a clue about waiting at the start again. ”

George C. - 20.11.2023

“Great event. Loved it, very well organised. A race to remember. Maybe better if the women were to race separate. Seemed unfair for some women who were not in a group with elite men.”

Per Ivar F. - 20.11.2023

“Overall a good competition, inmpressive setup, very proffesional road book and preparations. Only imporvments would be to have a better selection on the group setups. Too many in group one which is not group one riders, creating dangerous situations and crashes.”

Darragh S. - 20.11.2023

“I was very dissapointed i did not recieve the jersey i paid for. I cannot appear to contact anybody to resolve the issue or get a refund. Apart from that the event itself was well organised amd enjoyable. The start was definitly a hit safer than last year so that would be 8/10. Im giving a score of 5 becasue of the missing jersey”

Harald F. - 20.11.2023

“The event was amazing but safety management was poor; I was able to avoid a number of crashes but finally go caught 2km before the finish line. It was purely because of reckless behavior of a rider in front who took a whole bunch of us out. Rest of the day was spent at Cleveland emergency room. Other than that, jersey design was great but sizes too small. Make available jerseys for sale after the event!? Mine got destroyed in the crash; how can I get a replacement for memory sake?”

Pierre G. - 20.11.2023

“Hello, a lot of improvements Vs the 1st edition in 2022. Maybe get numbers with different colours for each age group next year.”

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