Batroun Triathlon 2018

12 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Michele D. - 21.10.2018

“Well overall organized event. - 1.My compliments for the excellent organized, event 2.I would suggest for the next time to cover and protect the path between the exit swimming and the transition location we slided and hurt our feet. 3. At the end of the race realize a stand with water, fruit, juice, integrators instead something to eat near the cerimony location 4.Put some indications for the shower 5.Add a T-shirt as gift and memory of the race.”

Anonymous - 20.10.2018

“One u have to do - The roads ”

Jon P. - 20.10.2018

“Excellent race in a nice setting - A very friendly, fun and well-organized race. Organizers were wonderful, host hotel was great and the community and city of Batroun provided great support. If you are looking for a smaller-sized race with great people in a beautiful location, this is it!”

Rami Jacques M. - 20.10.2018

“Excellent event - Registration online was opened late, which do not help participants abroad to plan easily. The participants should have sticker on their helmet. It is better to mark with pentel instead of tatoo which is difficult for hairy persons. Particiiant should mark the race and their age on their left calf in order to know against who they are competing. Ex: on my leg we should read O 52 for olympic 52 old. It is difficult to understand the split of the result. Until now i was not able to understand.”

Danny C. - 20.10.2018

“a great race experience - Overall outstanding organisation! Great communicatio before, during and after the race: everything was clear since the beginning! Tremendus effort in making the course easy to follow and enjoyable for all races! ”

Hasan I. - 20.10.2018

“An amazing event in a beautiful part of Lebanon - Very well organized, with accurate timing system, accurate course distance and great marshaling and support. Roads are a bit rough and bumpy but it makes for a special race different than any other. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get into triathlon and experience it in Lebanon no matter what their level is”

Anonymous - 17.10.2018

“Very good event. - All good. Only one thing negative. The road was rough , very rough specially for me because I am not from the town and I don't know where are the wholes.”

Anonymous - 16.10.2018

“Well organised - Spacious transition area/ cycling leg not smooth: Road needs maintenance (many obstacles) ”

Karim A. - 15.10.2018

“GREAT - Great event. Great atmosphere. Great people. Keeps getting better and better”

Nicholas K. - 15.10.2018

“Everything was great - Very good experience overall.”

Jad G. - 15.10.2018

“Very good event, better than 2017 - Transition area better than 2018. Also the swimming launch area. ”

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