Arabian Epic Series XCM 3: Abu Dhabi (Al Ain)

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Abdulrahman A. - 25.12.2018

“very nice but went off track few times - I hurts a lot when you go off track please mark the way points better, or its just because its my first time. other than that i had fun it was very nice morning. i didn't find any picture of me.”

Deo H. - 04.12.2018

“Awesome - XL T-shirts please”

Richard P. - 04.12.2018

“New MTB destination - Good ride with some great singletrack ”

Anonymous - 02.12.2018

“Meh, at least there was a race. - There was no pre-race communication. You should send an email breifing the start location, parking situation, and start times for EACH category. They said 7am start but the 0.25 cat guys started at like 8...course had a bit too much concrete for an MTB race. Would be great if next year they could scout a better course. Route signage was good tho and I had fun. Also price was excellent! Will do more races but would like to see some improvement next year”

Anonymous - 02.12.2018

“55$ is still a lot of money.Why so much prize $ - 55 $ is still a lot of money for a random set of tape, painted rocks and arrows. Im not sure everyone did the same course. Could have eaily avoided the sand traps. Not fun. GPX file was sent a day before but completely wrong. Late start. Not much of an atmosphere. Wadi adventure seemed more interested in selling buffet breakfast. Being asked once is enough. 5 times is too much. Why are organisers still giving out poor quality bags, Tshirts. I personally dont need anymore. Even medals !!! Why. ”

Anonymous - 02.12.2018

“Epic Al Ain - Great event, thanks he series keeps getting better and better!”

Alison K. - 01.12.2018

“What a feeling of accomplishment - Just the most tough race out there. For a beginner like me, it was a truly overwhelming experience. Full on hard work from start to finish. But oh how I enjoyed it. Loved every minute. The atmosphere, the scenery and the amazing route. Outstanding organisation with excellent feed/water stops. Looking forward to race 4 already. Bring it on!”

William P. - 01.12.2018

“Epic! - Thanks to all the volunteers and organisers! Great event”

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