Al Zahia Run

18 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Rashid A. - 21.07.2022

“When is the next race ”

Abu A. - 21.07.2022

“Good event. Prize ceremony can be better. Overall good”

Anonymous - 18.07.2022

“It’s good that they made the run indoors Especially this summer time, running outdoor is very difficult I had fun and enjoyed so much Zahia Run was Fantastic!”

Anonymous - 18.07.2022

“Nice fun run, Running space was so narrow.”

Anonymous - 18.07.2022

“It would be good if the organization give a medal ceremony for main categories first and then go for sub categories, other than this everything was perfect.”

Abdulhakim R. - 18.07.2022

“The problem some time is hard to no how many round you done specially wen is ten round it hard to remmeber ”

Mohammad U. - 18.07.2022

“the price given ceremony should be better organized as many people aren't even able to hear their names when called out. there must be better way to communicate the result. Other than this all was great”

Hong Chul B. - 18.07.2022

“in case those who did not bring own car, it is good to have a bag drop place for event.”

Mark P. - 18.07.2022

“Course is short and narrow in places so when the 4km race was released into the already started 8km race it became very congested in places. Also 10 laps is too many to count on your own. I ended up running an extra loop by accident! However, organisation was good and at least there was an option to run in the summer. ”

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