Al Barari Run

17 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Zakhar S. - 13.03.2023

“it was well organised and friendly done. thanks a lot. place was awesome weather fantastic ”

James W. - 12.03.2023

“Nice run, small attendance but just too many cars and trucks who have no respect or patience”

Saood S. - 12.03.2023

“The event is very small and not well organized comparing to the value of money that we paid”

Anonymous - 12.03.2023

“Nice venue, could be better organized during race.... No table or volunteers to hand out water for 10k runners”

Mohamad M. - 12.03.2023

“it' would've been better if was traffic free :-)”

Lorna K. - 12.03.2023

“This was definitely more of a community run than a race. They said the race would start at 7.10 so I popped to the bathroom and when I got back at 7.05 they told me they decided to let everyone go early so everyone had already set off. The toilets had no tissue. The mile markers were missing. I’ve still not received my results. ”

Anonymous - 12.03.2023

“تنظيم غير جيد وعدم اعطاء تي شرت وتصوير قليل وغيره ”

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