Al Ain Oasis Run 1

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Overall Rating
Frederick B. - 08.02.2020

“Nice place and - Water bottles are wasted ,prefer to have smaller sizes coz runners need only little amount while running.. ”

Sumayya S. - 08.02.2020

“Disorganized, no late registration available at t. - The oasis is beautiful! ”

Comment from Premier Online - 08.02.2020
“Almost no event offers registration at the event anymore - events for lots of people have a lot of preparation which is done once, for everybody. It really is impractical for organizers to do a task (such as prepare race packs / enter data for timing systems etc) once for e.g. 300 people and once more for just one person, then once more for just one other person etc who didn't register on time. This practice has the potential to make events more costly for all. Events are open for registration for at least 30 days. Our 'Protect Your Fee option also allows you to comfortably register early and change your mind later, if required. We include all newly published events in our Your Week Ahead email and announce each first on our social channels; why not follow us @MyPremierSports to never miss a new event?”

Anonymous - 03.02.2020

“Amazing place, bad organization - Running inside the oasis was so beautiful. But when we came outside it looked awkward. Some places were not clean. We started very late. People were all over the place especially at the finish line. Suggest moving the start/finish line a bit inside with a proper barricade to prevent anyone entering the running course. Also make sure the course is 5km. It was 4.3km. Hope the experience is improved.”

Anonymous - 02.02.2020

“Good family event - Would be nice to have the distance sign every 1 km and to give simple giveaways as a souvenir or moment to remember. Some Marshalls were very active and did good job. Nice place with good weather. But some of them ”

Anonymous - 31.01.2020

“A 'fun run' indeed - Overall, the race was fun. A different experience running through the green oasis. Just was disappointed with the deficiency of organization at the finish line, bcos the finished participants were all over the place blocking the remaining runner's path towards the finish line.”

Anonymous - 31.01.2020

“Great event, amazing location and atmosphere! - Looking forward to the next one! Music along the way would have been nice too (like a local band/group/traditional music) Markers saying where you were (1,2,3km etc) or 500m to go etc would have been nice and helped to push more to the finish! ”

Anonymous - 31.01.2020

“Very enjoyable event - Som marshals were a bit annoying at times- following behind in a golf buggy taking pics etc. I asked them (3 times) not to follow behind me as they were all chatting and making noise. And they said they had to. This was rubbish as 10 mins later they had left. Also- we were walking- not running - so some of the cheering was not relevant as we only wanted to walk not run. Perhaps some of the marshals could have walkers themselves?? Apart from that- it was a really enjoyable event. Will do again. ”

Anonymous - 31.01.2020

“It really was a “fun” run! - My first little race, and definitely not my last! ”

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