Al Ain Oasis Fun Run

18 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
William H. - 30.05.2022

“The running path was not clearly marked and when you asked the volunteers for directions they would say "I don't know"”

Leila H. - 29.05.2022

“Unorganized. No markings, I got lost.”

Anonymous - 29.05.2022

“The location was very nice. There were also enough water stations. But the people who should show the direction had no idea”

Theresa H. - 29.05.2022

“It was extremely disorganized. It started late. The Marshalls didn’t give us tell us the right way to go. There was no signage to show us where to run and most of us got lost. I signed up for a 5 km run. I stopped running at 5 km because we were lost. Ended up walking an extra 2.5km before we got back to the finish line. The water provided wasn’t even cold. It was 44 degrees and it was 4.15 pm so shoul have been offered comes water at least. It was the worst run I have ever attended. ”

Jabu M. - 29.05.2022

“Poor organization, guiders for direction don’t know have any clue of where to go or turn. I was doing 5 km ended up doing 9km because no one knew where the finish line is”

Anonymous - 29.05.2022

“Very bad experience, I humbly request my favorite athletes.. Don't Register, It's not only my experience, every one can read others ratings tooo, In this run we can't find positives, The medal was very very disappointed. Totally wrost event, If here - 10 rating I will choose that one. ”

Pierre L. - 29.05.2022

“Horrible. Huge health and safety concerns. Limited medical staff and ill-informed marshals. Route took small kids out of the safety of the venue and onto the streets also. There was so much wrong, I can write an essay that can destroy the future of this race. Please employ people who actually understand organisation of public events.”

Anonymous - 29.05.2022

“Was not organized. Got lost around track…. The guides didn’t know where to guide us”

Khaula A. - 29.05.2022

“The worst experience ever, no clear route, volunteers didn't have an idea where to guide us, i was first overall in 10 km until i found myself lost with no clear signs where to head to. Race was supposed to start 4pm, we started after 4:30 … water was left in the sun so it was boiling hot… worst organizers ever.”

Sonja L. - 29.05.2022

“This was the worst organised run I have ever attended in my life. I signed up for the 5 km and eventually did 7.37km. The marshals were absolute useless, they gave the wrong directions and we got lost. My son also did the 2.5km and they gave them the wrong directions he ended up doing 5km in 44 degree heat. These people should never be allowed to organise a run again. This whole race was shocking! No one was briefed before hand, no cold water in 44 degree heat and no signage. Shocking! ”

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