Al Ain Oasis Fun Run

19 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 28.12.2021

“It was not organized well like in dubai. Difficulty faced for direction sign, no indication how many km completed, some are was full of dry date tree leaf's. ”

Amal A. - 26.12.2021

“It would be better if the course was signed with kilometers. So runners can tell how many kilos left”

Anonymous - 25.12.2021

“Medal low quality poorly managed no snacks ”

Anonymous - 25.12.2021

“We want extra medals for first 3”

Anonymous - 25.12.2021

“We don’t know which directions to go because their are too many, and I didn’t enjoy the badge that much and they messed up with the names and the swapped the KM.The red watch its not quality it opens and when I ran it was loose.”

Anonymous - 25.12.2021

“The medal was not good ”

Anonymous - 25.12.2021

“I didn’t like the badge I only liked the ones that were in the other race in the green grass area.”

Jeanpierre L. - 25.12.2021

“A nice run through the beautiful green oasis, well organized ”

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