Al Ain Cross Country

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Overall Rating
Minhaj D. - 01.03.2022

“poor organising, no clear routes, age group category announced but not happened, i completed 3 km 6th but my name was not in list. worst experience i've ever had”

Omer D. - 01.03.2022

“The course wasn't setup properly and there were little guidance as to where runners should go resulting in 10k runner taking the wrong turn by mistake and ended up doing 6k only, hence the organiser had to cancel the whole timing. Also they seem to have put a timing reader only at the start and finish line! May be they do better next time. Generally it was good fun”

Natasha Mauerberg R. - 27.02.2022

“I finished my race (3k) in second place, but they did not call my name to receive my award. They just call the girl who really won The race and the girl who finished The race after me; but that girl received the award as she finished in second place. And i have a video to prove that i finished in second place and before that girl. Im waiting a retraction of organization, because this situation was unfair and awful. My name is Natasha Mauerberg Rodrigues (my bib of The race is 296). ”

Mahmood H. - 27.02.2022

“التنظيم سيئ والتواصل وجهات الاتصال شبه معدومه”

Bruno S. - 27.02.2022

“Very, very poorly organised. The giving out of the numbered tickets was a nightmare. The race started late. The track was good but some parts were not clearly marked, meaning you could run anywhere. The results on the application wasn't updated, infact my name wasn't even there. The fruit were placed on in bowls but on the floor. No tables? Come on people. It was as if the event was organised that morning. Very poor! The good things were the community getting together and the drinks at the end.”

Anonymous - 27.02.2022

“I registered 10k but I run 6k. And the most people run 6k because No one guide and No point to mention. I don’t interest in the event. ”

Hani R. - 27.02.2022

“They should not try to organize any activities ”

Anonymous - 27.02.2022

“Poor organisation but a good track. ”

Sophie B. - 27.02.2022

“I did not receive my bib number. The 10k loop was not marked out properly and we only did 6k”

Amal A. - 27.02.2022

“Bad organizing, unfortunate experience ?”

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