Al Ain Adventure Swim & Aquathlon

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Overall Rating
Achmat Shaheen S. - 12.06.2023

“swim was good how ever for the 800m swim there was no age category but for the juniors there was ”

Alexandre F. - 12.06.2023

“Good organization in a pleasant place. Would love to see some longer distances as well. Thank you!”

Anonymous - 11.06.2023

“Send the email about the race earlier ”

Agustina B. - 11.06.2023

“Great race! Great to see it up running again. Please do some triathlons there for next season and early bird discount for family membership. ”

Eduardo M. - 11.06.2023

“It mentioned that there is a free t shirt but we didn't receive”

Eliz Levy M. - 11.06.2023

“It mentioned that there is a free t shirt but we didn't receive”

Anonymous - 11.06.2023

“very well organize , just the area to swim was not really a good place to enter and exit the water”

Anonymous - 11.06.2023

“Well organised & great venue. ”

Ali A. - 11.06.2023

“Amazing event. Thank you very much”

Miguel Angel S. - 11.06.2023

“One member of the staff told me we should run without ?, it was weird for me, but finally I could wear them!”

Kirsten F. - 11.06.2023

“They entered me into the wrong event and then did not take my time - very disappointing as I paid 100 for this? I also went back to tell them but was sent again to swim the incorrect cap ”

Nicolaas L. - 11.06.2023

“Very well organised, thank you to the Abu Dhabi Sports Council.”

Qasim A. - 11.06.2023

“The people they work there should be more polite. Thank you very much ”

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