Ajman Duathlon

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Anonymous - 05.03.2020

“The Greet Duathlon Ever - ”

Anonymous - 04.03.2020

“Best duathlon course I have been on. - The course itself is fantastic. As it was my first time I would have preferred a pre-race briefing. Information about the event did not come out until very late (the night before) and there was no formal briefing before the start. At the start line there was a sort of briefing but that only seemed to be in response to people asking questions at that point in time. Not sure I like the lack of assigning spaces in transition. Would have been difficult for people coming late.”

Anonymous - 03.03.2020

“Good Event but need to consider few points - Thank you for organizing this event. I always enjoy the services provided by the Premieronline. Being cycling event, there was no mechanic available at the Venue. I had minor bike issue & I arrived very early thinking that there will be some one to assist but there was no one to assist. Secondly, at this time of virus issue globally, toilets were very dirty, even during Ajman run at the same venue it was same issue, my 10 years old son did not use toilet until we come home. please consider this”

Lorretta S. - 03.03.2020

“Great Venue, Poor Signage on Cycle Route - Great venue. Fantastic atmosphere. Huge lack of signage on major turn in road NO signage..... a furthest point... Bit cramped in Transition for some people. Need to separate OLy, Sprint and Super Sprint areas. NO monitoring of riders cutting course ie only one lap instead of 2 on cycle. Drafting! Medals were awarded incorrectly ... as a result of course cutting.”

Omar V. - 03.03.2020

“Very good potential for improvement - It would be a great event if there are a few more signs on the cycling course and have more time in advance to know about both run and cycle courses. In addition, more marshals on the cycling course to avoid drafting. Looking forward to racing it again next year.”

Zoe N. - 03.03.2020

“Enjoyable Morning! - Always happy to take part in Endurance Sports Services races, they are welcoming and have a huge variety of athletes. Loved the run course, but the final corner was confusing and could have been coned off better. Cycle course needed more marshalls and definitely needed draft busters!! Lots of that going on. More signage as inexperienced people could easily get lost. A few hiccups with timings as well left a couple of friends robbed of podium. But other than that all good and I will be back!”

Kathryn S. - 01.03.2020

“Very good event but some negative points - I loved the location and the route. The marshals and staff were excellent. The water stations were great and well organised. The transition areas were very cramped and confusing - there were people who were finished and clearing up and runners/cyclists still trying to get through to the next stage. There was A LOT of drafting during the cycling and the cycle route needed to be better signposted. The results were inaccurate in some cases, so more attention to times for the podium positions. ”

Anonymous - 01.03.2020

“amaizing events - Thanks to all for this event”

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