Ajman City Centre Run 2023

16 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 15.08.2023

“Positives: -Venue -Event atmosphere -Registration etc. Challenges: - No digital counter for laps or volunteer support in understanding the number of laps completed - Lack of water stations ”

Lana K. - 07.08.2023

“Was an amazing event! Everything organised perfect. Too many people was just walking in the race , that was a really annoying. ”

Abdullah A. - 07.08.2023

“مرحبا التنظيم ممتاز وكل شيء فقط ملاحظة اللي يحصل مركز يعطونه سويت انا مأدي مجهود بأخر احصل جائزة سويت دونات هذا مش منطق على اقل جائزة معقوله والحمدلله انا مب راضي على هديه ”

Rahil P. - 07.08.2023

“Great management, good refreshments options.”

Anonymous - 07.08.2023

“Best and convenient Best registration platform ”

Anonymous - 07.08.2023

“1)The lap counter must be in place, or at least a desk to confirm the number of laps if needed. 2)The water station needs to be provided at specific locations. 3)Volunteers shall be briefed well on the event, venue and track details. ”

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