Warrior Run 2018

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 26.03.2018

“it could have been better - The event is quite nice but not having a timing chip is unfair specially if there is a price waiting at the end of the race. Manually timing each participants is a big no no,and not judging the obstacles consistently. Some participants did not do the proper burpees but ended up on the stage. having a seconds difference will be big its because others do it properly and others cheat.The staff itself allowed it to happen. Though I would participate again and will be willing to pay more with tchip”

Sana T. - 25.03.2018

“Never again - Noisy MC , was just an ad for the sponsored gym , the trainers were pushing people as if we were in a gym , v small area . Some people finished before others started , they would pace only 10 people to start at a impr . We had to wait for our medals for everyone to finish versus handing them out to us once we were done . Terrible organization .”

Anonymous - 24.03.2018

“Good event - I would like to thank the organizer for this event. However, I I’m upset about the one part of the event which is burpees. The referr asked me to put my chess on the ground in each count. However, most of the players does not do that. And I got the fifth place overall.. but if the referee count for them the result will be change... As we know it’s easy to do burpees without touching the ground but when you touch the ground will take time and effort. And this will affect he result overall. Thanks”

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