Wadi Adventure Race 16

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Overall Rating
Stephen G. - 22.04.2018

“Challenging, but lots of fun. - The swim was a nice addition to the obstacles. The giveaway T-shirts are too thick to wear in the UAE outside December-January. It would be nice to give the spectators some areas, a short walk from the main area, that they can go to take photos of the competitors.”

Brenda M. - 22.04.2018

“Great day - The good addition to this event was the the bag drop was free. That is more consistent with the other events I have done in the country. I really love the course. Fun time. And well organized. The food has consistently been good. My only request, is next year to go back to shirt colors that all will wear. I am sure the men love the colors this year. But there are a lot of women that do the race, most of my friends do not like this year's colors. So maybe go with something all can enjoy.”

Mohamad I. - 22.04.2018

“Event Photo Service is very bad - No Photo Service at all during the race or even at the startfinish points which is very bad”

Anonymous - 22.04.2018

“Intreseting OCR - Interesting OCR with plenty of obstacles and nice nature. everything was cool except the only thing that i disliked, the staff were not aware how participants can see their results so they directed us to one of the organizors (the announcer) and he was not cooperative. we were asking how to check the timings and he was just saying it is online and not bothering himself to show us or direct us to another person who can help!”

Comment from Premier Online - 28.04.2018
“We're sorry you missed seeing your results immediately. As with all Premier Timing timed events your results were sent by SMS to your registered mobile number the moment you crossed the finish line; the web address/QR code to check results were also printed over the large Premier Timing van at the finish line. You can check them anytime at www.premiertiming.com ”

Cristian R. - 22.04.2018

“Great event and pretty well organized - Event was really well organized, signage was good, obstacles were also good and the course was great. Free baggage room, okay food at the end, good giveaways and nice end ceremony. Would definitely do it again.”

Matteo B. - 22.04.2018

“Amazing Experience, Funny and Challenging!! - I would like to suggest to increase the Event Photo Service mostly nearby the military obstacles. Some signals and sometime the path to follow was not clear. Overall amazing experience and good obstacles.”

Anonymous - 21.04.2018

“very cool event for all levels - I want from them to give a collectable award to who finish 2 event in one year ”

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