Vertical Run Almas Tower

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 17.02.2018

“Good event - Good event i liked the dancing ”

Anonymous - 13.02.2018

“Good challenge, poor organisation - Same as other comments. It's not OK to force everyone to wait and listen to the guy on the mic and watch coaches dance and the whole podium before being able to get our medals and finaly leave ! It was just too long. I just wanted to run, get my medal and leave as I had other matters to attend.”

Anonymous - 12.02.2018

“good race, not a good organization - For a long time I had to wait for the medal...”

Jeff J. - 05.02.2018

“Not Worth It - Easily the most poorly organized fitness event I have seen in Dubai. Forcing people to wear the race t-shirt (so you know who is who? We're all stuck in a stairwell - pretty sure there aren't any passerbys). Starting 30-60 minutes late, having to wait with 20 other sweaty and panting people at the 64th floor for 15 minutes in a crowded hallway to get the lift, no medals handed out at the finish and to top it all off not ever getting the text with official time. Good workout, terrible organizatio”

Biren P. - 04.02.2018

“Gratifying experience. Super fun. - Most of the marshalls were courteous and great. One thing which needs to be improved is communication about changing rooms / toilets and parking. Some of the marshals weren't aware. I don't blame them. Perhaps they weren't educated about this. Overall it was a very well organized event. Congrats to all the people behind the scene. Conclude with a compliment that hopefully fits well. Keep it up! ”

Anonymous - 04.02.2018

“Event was good, organization bad! - This event was fun! The medal looks so cool. There was no age group prizes which was mentioned in the email , so that was bad! The worst thing about the event is the organizers make us wait for like 3 hours just to collect the finishing medal while the race took me to complete in 14 mins, why why whyyyyy! I just want to collect my medal and leave , not wait for three hours and seeing the gym ppl dance etc!!!!”

Craig J. - 03.02.2018

“Fun race but terrible organisation - The race itself was fun with a good atmosphere but the organisation was terrible start to finish starting 20 minutes late then waiting over 90 minutes for a medal. Not handing out medals as people finish is a not a bad idea IF you are efficient with timing and results but being forced to listen to some boring guy drone on for an hour is nobody's idea of fun. I certainly wouldn't recommend this race and certainly won't bother doing it again which is a shame as it could be so much better”

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