Vertical Run Almas Tower

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Mhd Hasan A. - 06.02.2016

“Good event - I love the DJ I don't mind to stay whole night ”

Anonymous - 04.02.2016

“Fun but start/finish should be improved - Pros: Fun, nice staff & location, numerous water stations. Cons: Long wait to start (batches not previously organized and spaced up to 10 mins) and really LONG wait after finishing due to this system and having to wait until the very last person to announce winners and even hand out finisher medals. I wouldn't have signed up if I would have known of this wait. When exiting parking they asked me to park again and go back upstairs to get the ticket stamped... If cons improved, event is nice.”

Roopam J. - 02.02.2016

“I left before it started - There was no one taking responsibility we were told to go to 1 person then another. No where to put your bags Disqualified if had to wear t-shirt?? Should have been told this pre-registration as I can't wear sleeves due to medical reason. Rubbish. I left before it even started. I want my money back. ”

Gunjan C. - 02.02.2016

“Poor organisation - They made us wait for several hours before queuing up, and then again at the staircase. I don't see a reason why I must wait for 3 hours to get my finishers medal. And if they want us to wear the tee mandatory then they must give it in advance so we can try and wash it for allergies and fitting”

Anonymous - 01.02.2016

“The challenge itself was great, it was everything - No bag drop, weren't told at time of picking up bag that was compulsory to wear their tee shirt, which meant I had to go all the way back down to B2 to car. Organisation from beginning to end was very poor, so many people from the gym, but no clue what they are meant to be doing. To be kept waiting at the very end to be given our earned medal. They provided no drinks free of charge for keeping us waiting 3hrs. To get stamp from gym for exit car park no one said. Chip Timing was excellent though.”

Emma H. - 31.01.2016

“Good course, bad organisation! - The course was challenging but manageable so enjoyable, but I had to wait around for 4 hours to start! Runners were chosen at random, there was no organisation as to who went when. After waiting to be allowed to line up, I queued for a good 50 minutes from the Almas Tower entrance to the staircase where the race started. To top it all off when leaving I was told I had to go up to the gym to get my ticket stamped while at the gate in my car, nobody has mentioned that beforehand, arghhhh!!!!”

Anonymous - 31.01.2016

“Awesome! - It was a great event , Well organised , With refreshments everywhere, friendly staff, Thank you”

Nicholas O. - 31.01.2016

“Need more polishing - The event was good but the organization was very poor, we had to wait for long to start the course, being that all could not start at once ,we had to wait for long for the medals, exiting the parking security had to ask you to go for a valet stamp which fidelity ought to have brought to the grass area for those who had cars to get them stamped, it is a fantastic event but they need to be more organized being that it is the second time of doing this.”

Anonymous - 30.01.2016

“Interesting race but very very poor organisation - The race itself in the stairs was very enjoyable, but that is it... No organisation to start the race. 12 people were picked up randomly to go to the start. And then again and again until everyone was done. The finishers medals were given only once everyone was done running and that the prices to the winers were given. I ran in 12 min and waited 4 hours to get the medals. Giving the fact that there was only 142 runners.... If the race is better organised it could be a very good event. ”

Anonymous - 30.01.2016

“Great event - I hope next year again. ”

Maria Cristina D. - 30.01.2016

“Great and enjoyable vertical run - It's my second time. I can say it's again an enjoyable and exciting event. Congratulations to organizers, staffs & sponsors of Vertical run by Fidelity Fitness Club. Thank you for accepting the registration of my partner even he's above the age limit. He might be the oldest guy there but he finished a good record proving 59 is a great age : ) We both had fun. See you next year.”

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