Dubai Holding Vertical Marathon 2014

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Overall Rating
Andrew B. - 19.04.2014

“Very well organised - Can more of the stairs marathons be held.”

Anonymous - 14.04.2014

“The events was great and i really enjoyed. - Thank you so much for giving me chance to participate this events. ”

Anonymous - 14.04.2014

“I felt i was there for Good. gud exp overall. - Overall it was good experience, i was happy to participate for couple of reasons a) it gave me oppurtunity to prove my stamina to climb up 52 floors b) felt good since it was a fund raising event. looking forward for more such events.”

Graham A. - 14.04.2014

“It was a great morning & I would participate again - Well-organised and very good-spirited. It was good to learn that the event raised a record charitable sum. I missed the cool of the foyer of Godolphin Ballroom, which was used in 2011 before and after the event as an assembly point for competitors and a service area for breakfast. Also, the only available bathrooms in which to change, etc. this year were at the far end of the Boulevard and were very "busy" at certain points.”

Genevieve B. - 13.04.2014

“Should have medals - Only marathon/run that doesnt have medal. registration is very expensive. better if you provide medals”

Thomas M. - 11.04.2014

“Great first vertical race - Organized well, good post-race buffet, a bit expensive but overall it's a nice event.”

Keifer D. - 11.04.2014

“Most Painful 13 Minutes... - It was great event, but boy very hard. I do have a rant - I took the donation money with me but no one could tell me where I could drop the money - so I am sitting on money that I have no idea what to do with”

Sany M. - 11.04.2014

“Great - Thanks for this event,I enjoy it!I can't wait for another event like this. ”

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