Urban-Ultra X-Tri 2016

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Overall Rating
Peter M. - 11.11.2016

“Love to see more of them! - No rants, only praises. Really enjoyed the event and would love to see other types of similar events incorporating a number of disciplines. As has been mentioned, the marshals, volunteers and camp staff were fantastic. Hearing the cow bells when summiting 'that peak' really helped bring me home. Thanks to all and I really can't understand why more folk don't take on the challenge. p.s. Thanks also to physio lass. She was great, almost as brutal as the race course :)”

Dario T. - 08.11.2016

“Great and fun event! - Thanks”

Michael John G. - 08.11.2016

“Geat Experience!!! - The Whole race was well organized. Awesome Support team and crew and are placed exactly where you need them. I will definitely do this again next year. ”

Marcella M. - 07.11.2016

“Brilliant race, excellent on-course support. - Loved this race. It had a lovely, family-feel and the support from the marshals was just outstanding. Especially appreciated the cow bells and words of encouragement from marshals. Pretty unusual in this part of the world. Brutal but beautiful :-)”

Simon P. - 06.11.2016

“Excellent event, brilliantly organised - Love this event....great challenge in a fantastic location. The Urban Ultra team clearly work very hard to pull this off, and it's to their enormous credit that the whole thing works so smoothly and with such a warmth of spirit. Bravo to all involved.”

Giovanni C. - 06.11.2016

“What a great experience - Triathlon, hicking, survival ... what an Ultra race... shocked at the beginning... so proud and happy to be able to complete the race at the end!!! The organising team professional and friendly, well done!!”

Jaap P. - 06.11.2016

“Excellent facilitation and enthusiasm of all crew - Thank you for a great event. UU stands out in their arrangements and deliver a challenging event every time.”

Peter B. - 06.11.2016

“A demanding but very fun event - Given the challenging nature of the course this event would be much better done later in the year when temperatures are a bit cooler. i did the sprint distance and would like to do the full distance but feel that running up a mountain in the middle of the day in 35C after swimming and biking poses a high risk of heat injury. the BBQ the night before was not really a BBQ - i think more energy could be put into this event. ”

Florent J. - 06.11.2016

“Great event - Excellent organization - Excellent time spent with our team in Fujairah ! Organization was excellent with clear explanations, cheerful team and a headache less transition management. The track is ok - Mountain bike could be a little more "off road" particularly downhill. Price overall is a little high but medals and package are nice. In summary, this was an great time we had for this Tri. We'll be there next year for sure”

Stefaan V. - 06.11.2016

“An amazing event, very fun worthwhile doing - Hello Thanks for this event, it was great and fun to do. Just a suggestion, why don't you do this in the evening? I think you would have more people and also it will be cooler. Look forward doing this again ”

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