Urban-Ultra Hajar 50 & 100 2018

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Evangelos D. - 28.02.2018

“Nice terrain-friendly people-support could improve - Need to supply water with cooler temperature in support stations (especially in hot weather conditions like in this year's event). I stopped in km 33 due to time limit. As I was staying at KhattSpringsHotel I had to go all the way to the finish line (!!!) in order to get my drop bag myself and come back to the hotel again. They should find a way to deliver these drop bags to the hotel instead of forcing athletes like me to go back and forth. I couldn't get it in Dubai (traveled from abroad)”

Ovidiu Madalin C. - 24.02.2018

“Crazy run - I love this race, the organizers, area, competitors. I would not skip any race organized by Urban Ultra.”

Noel R. - 22.02.2018

“Tough race that I love to hate - Hajar is such a tough race and that is what makes it so satisfying. Every time I swear I will never do it again, and every year it takes less and less time until I decide I WILL do it again! Thank you to the race directors so much. Please continue this race forever. (But please bring back the tarmac!) ”

Anonymous - 19.02.2018

“Needs 1 more CP - I was concerned for some people's health and safety because the 1.5lt water was not enough as mandatory during such a hot day. If we were informed the day before that the 1st CP was not to supply water, maybe some would take an extra water bottle. Also, in case of emergency the CPs are too far away to reach the injured. Lastly, ITRA points should be given for such a brutal race. It definitely deserves it, finishers too. ”

Craig J. - 18.02.2018

“Tough but excellent event - Yet another great challenge from the Urban-Ultra team. Thank you”

Henrik B. - 18.02.2018

“100K is Tough, Tough, Tough! - The hot weather called for cold water for drinking or just cooling the head. Cold drinks only in cp5 and finish. Difficult finding cp’s for family based on coordinates. Couldnt get them to match. Awesome support by UU team”

Tony G. - 18.02.2018

“Brutal, Harsh, Unrelenting, and Beautiful - Thanks to the UU crew and all of their wonderful volunteers who kept us moving through the course. An extra water station/CP between 3 & 4 would've been welcomed with the heat of the day. Overall an outstanding event, I'm afraid to find out whats in store for next year. ”

Enoch C. - 18.02.2018

“Great event - Great event, great course, only wish is to have the parking/Meetup point closer to the start if possible”

Shammes A. - 18.02.2018

“Hardest ultra event , but had a blast - Finished the 100km, i think a couple of more cps would help , the cut off time were very generous , staff and marshals were super supportive, signage was a bit of problem as i got lost initialy at 4k then also somewhere at the end , but overall this was one of the best bad ass ultra event i participated for this year so far. I cant wait to see whats next! Awesome event!”

Liz V. - 18.02.2018

“One hell of a race, one to brag about! - Very well organised and all clearly communicated pre-race. Hard work to climb those 2 mountains, but so rewarding. AMAZING course! Never a dull moment :) Water at CP1 would have been helpful as time/distance between following CP's is quite large. Unfortunate circumstances with markers that had been moved caused some confusion in the beginning but otherwise very well marked, but you have to pay attention at all times. What a trail running experience for the UAE! SUPER work Urban Ultra! ”

Tamas L. - 17.02.2018

“Not for the faint-hearted - If having your limits pushed by the weather, the terrain, the organizers' belief that you can do this, this is race is for you. Were there moments when I said things abut all these three aspects that I would not like to have repeated? Oh yes. But all it takes is to reach the finish line and experience the incomparable satisfaction, pride, and love that keeps this community together and moving forward from strength to strength.”

Kathleen L. - 17.02.2018

“Brutal but awesome trail race - Water was warm at the CPs. Maybe next time a cool box and ice to keep the water fresh. Also it would be nice to have coke available in more CPs. Very well organised. Awesome technical route Top volunteers at CPs”

John Y. - 17.02.2018

“Epic challenge over dramatic harsh terrain - The high attrition rate for even the shorter 50km category is testament to how challenging this event is and the distances do not tell the whole story as the sections on open ground and goat paths require scrambling and good mountain sense. Congratulations to all who were brave enough to attempt the event. Would prefer a registration at the start and a bus shuttle back to the start. Would be good to take in one of the summits of the peaks. A shorter course finishing at CP - 32km would be good.”

Comment from Premier Online - 17.02.2018
“Unfortunately you forgot to collect your timing chip at the event registration sign in. Had you collected/worn this as required you would have had results like everyone else and no doubt your rating of the timing service would have been more favorable.”

Elizabeth D. - 17.02.2018

“BRUTAL - Brutal Course- spent too much time trying not to fall on dangerous rocks & hard climbs. High DNF rates indicates the toughness - may be worth adding a 30K - more achievable and adding more check points. at least one more between 3 and 4. Congrats to those who finished - superstars all - Thanks to the organizers who did a brilliant job.”

Johnray L. - 17.02.2018

“Unfair cut-off time for check point 3 - Cut-off at CP3(32k) is 5.5 hrs from start. Total time to finish 52k is 12 hrs. That means 32k for 5.5 hrs and the remaining 20k for 6.5 hrs? The event itself was great but timing cut-off time for CP3 was UNFAIR. ”

Matthieu F. - 17.02.2018

“Brutal Event !!!! - It would be great to have Coca Cola in check points.. and highly fresh/cold drinks. Overall, amazing event !! Very tough. Well done..”

David W. - 17.02.2018

“ Rural but fantastic - Brilliant event. Final descent markings could be more distinctive. Difficult to look at footing position and direction markings. Look forward to the next UU event. Best in the UAE. Thank you.”

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