TriFest 2018

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Martin W. - 08.11.2018

“Great Event - Another slick event from the team. Swim was clearly marked, bike a little less so, but no real issues on the Sprint event for me. Directions when arriving in the dark could have been better from the JA Resort to event parking either with more signage or marshalling. Thanks to all of the volunteers out on the course on the day as well as all of the set up that goes into putting on the event - great job!”

Anonymous - 05.11.2018

“room for improvement - This race could be fantastic and I want to love it but it always falls short. Third year in a row for not enough toilets and inadequate signage, even when you prepare and read the brief it is easy to get confused on the course. Glass on the course was an added concern this year. The kids race; appeared to be a complete afterthought, many were sent off the wrong way on the cycle and then trucks driving down towards the kids on the last section of road -disappointed!”

Simon N. - 04.11.2018

“Poor indication on the bike circuit - Overall the organization was ok The marshall in charge of indicating the ride circuit was terrible (especially for Olympic u turn) Also, I am surprised to see that people who had a flat tyre had to walk for hours till the finish line, and that no car were there to pick them up.”

Anonymous - 04.11.2018

“Good Event but Terrible Marshals ruined it - Terrible marshals ended up causing such confusion at the event. One wasn't paying attention and sent the leading kids doing the 5K bike ride on the 10K track. Therefore, the ones who would have won, ended up coming last because they did double the bike distance. Very disappointing. I understand these things happen but at least give these kids free entry to the next event because all their hard work and effort from this event is now void.”

Anonymous - 04.11.2018

“well organised well attended event - Exiting signage was a bit confusing”

Pete L. - 04.11.2018

“Excellent event as with all others. - Maybe sand bag the race route signs in high winds & ensure marshalls know who turns at there location. Also have some brushes/broom available so a mobile team or volunteer can sweep any glass of the course. There was one big patch of glass on bike route which was possibly responsible for a lot of punctures. Overall, great event. Thank you all very much for your time & effort into making these events happen.”

Anonymous - 04.11.2018

“Good event - There was confusion on the super sprint start, during the briefing it was told to start from Dubai side exiting AUH side, but it was the opposite in the reality, we missed the briefing right before we plunged to swim in the open water, but overall, it was a good experience.”

Craig M. - 03.11.2018

“Awesome race with a tint of grrrrrr - Thanks goes to RaceME & volunteers for putting on another excellent race. The location is great (the swim is magnificent) and the new bike & run course is also great. My only issue was the "poor" signage at the bike & run turns. It was windy yesterday, which meant the run signs fell over, but, your marshal at the olympic turn had no idea what he was doing - i asked him 3-times if this was the olympic turn and each time he said "no-go straight"! This added 5km to my bike and put me out of the rac”

Sara K. - 03.11.2018

“A great venue for my first Olympic Triathlon - Once again, a most enjoyable morning spent taking part in the TriFest!! Extremely well organised and pleased that the competitors' safety was taken into account and the swim course was changed due to the weather conditions. Enthusiastic and supportive marshalls at the run drink stations, with plenty of supplies on offer!! Very helpful ambulance crew (I needed patching up after crashing into a sign and falling off my bike!!). A super atmosphere and super event all round!!”

Adam H. - 02.11.2018

“Course signage could be better - I thoroughly enjoyed the event!! The key turning points for the different length rides were not well marked which lead to some confusion and I'm guessing lost time for people. Large signs saying for example "only sprint distance turn left here" would be useful. The staff were shouting but its hard to hear and understand and there isn't much time to second guess at 35kpm. It was covered in the brief but try remembering that when all you can think about is how laud your legs are screaming "stop" ”

Gilles P. - 02.11.2018

“thank you - Amazing event and as usual very well organized ”

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