Arabian Epic Series XCM 4: Fujairah (Jebel Yebir)

7 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 16.12.2018

“Brilliant, as always... - If possible, make sure everyone get photographed. ”

Carl S. - 16.12.2018

“Jebel Yibir 1.0 - Great event, Marking was exactly what was required to ensure I did not get lost or had to waste any time checking on the direction I was taking. Support on route (Phone) worked & was able to get my technical issues resolved while on route, then get back to racing again. Stunning location & best race to-date of the 4 Events so far. The Team continue to improve Race by Race. The only thing I did not receive this time was a message fromt he Premier Online service confirming my timings.”

Cecil M. - 16.12.2018

“Epic and fast - Do more superbike tracks it was good just before I burn out the recovery down hill came.”

Alison K. - 16.12.2018

“Outstanding - Jebel Yibir, an amazing challenge. One of the hardest events on a bike I have ever experienced. But really great atmosphere and very well organized. Truly Epic!”

Robert D. - 15.12.2018

“Great Event - Kudos to all involved. Will attend again”

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