Arabian Epic Series XCM 2: Fujairah (Jebel Pain)

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 02.12.2018

“Wonderful event - Will really appreciate if the route will be marked better next time and marshals response to our questions cause we ask only one question ( WHICH WAY ? ) and they keep looking at us like if he wants to know what group set I'm using Everything else was just great thanks : )”

Cecil M. - 02.12.2018

“Awesome - Please mark with banner tape on both sides. Go throughs.”

Badr A. - 20.11.2018

“Need more Briefing - I was participate this race for the .25 category but Unfortunately no any briefing was there for us and no any sign was provided to guide for .25 so I complete .5 race and I finished with bad condition and unhealthy way. Two days my hold body was tired, so for next series more clarifications required for all category. ”

Jordana S. - 19.11.2018

“Grueling race, mentally challenging - Happy to have finished. Mentally challenging but afterwards such a sense of achievement. Was disappointed as placed 3rd but timing was incorrect at prize giving. However official results indicate correct placements for females. ”

Anonymous - 19.11.2018

“Great Race - very challenging - Was a great event, well organized. they keep getting better and better! please get some XL tshirts for the race packs.”

Jacob V. - 19.11.2018

“Tough - Marking was better than previous events sometimes not sure of route at forks but I never got lost. The GPS files did help though.”

Anonymous - 19.11.2018

“Outstanding race! - Those guys are putting so much efforts in. What a pleasure to ride that route. A barbecue at the end (as in Hatta) would have been a treat :)”

Anonymous - 18.11.2018

“Making Progress - Try to stick to advertised timings & keep a person at an advertised Fuel/Water point. Remote location - either advertise minimal facilities or ensure they are available for the No of participants. Motor Bike Lead out was a really good idea. Great support crew. A couple of areas, some of the sigs were either missing or not placed well enough (fully aware that children were taking them down. Fantastic route, extremely difficult, which I am guessing ti challenged all that entered.”

Anonymous - 18.11.2018

“need better signage - Most of my category participants lost ended up participating in a longer distance”

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