The Ride Bike Shop Al Qudra 1 Hour Record Challenge

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Paul B. - 04.09.2015

“Great concept, well executed, fun to compete in. - Goody bag was over-generous, great t-shirt! Entry and competing was simple and effective. I wonder why nobody had done this before as it is an ideal use of the Al Qudra loop. The outcome was interesting, can't wait for the next of these challenges to see how I can do it better. Overall, big thanks!”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 05.09.2015
“We always aim to over deliver on expectation PLUS use the KISS philosophy....KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID......Sometimes the smaller niche events are the most fun. I am glad you enjoyed it. AF.”

Jamie E. - 03.09.2015

“Great event and great idea. - Well done guys. Fun little ride ¡¡¿?¿¿”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 05.09.2015
“Love the keyboard art Jamie........Did you stand on your head for the desired result. :-)”

Lawrence W. - 01.09.2015

“Great event. - Very enjoyable. Next time a water station at half way would be nice, and make the race the entire 50K. ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 01.09.2015
“For the next one we are offering two distances - 1 hour and the 49.3km loop. If you enter the 1 hour you are by default entered in the 49.3km loop option and vice verca. Thx for feedback.”

John J. - 01.09.2015

“Great event - A good personnal challenge”

Leon N. - 01.09.2015

“Great event - fun had by all! - Good time was had by all! Friendly bunch of riders, with everybody smiling at the end. Nitpicks - Need to find a better way to upload and share the GPS files. How about having a computer there, and copy the FIT file over at the finish line? Water at the 25km mark? For those that want to grab and ride, or stop?”

Comment from Premier Online - 01.09.2015
“Thanks for the comments......we investigated ways to collect data and from our perspective it worked well. Because of the vast array of recording devices uploading to a computer I believe would have been problematic. As it turns out all the data collected has been very accurate. We did have water at the canopy with intermediate timing stop plus there was the mosque for a water stop but next time we will have a water stop sign :-)”

Christian D. - 01.09.2015

“My first time trial and loads of fun! - A 1-hour time trial sounded like a funny thing to do and I was not disappointed by the race! While I find it a little on the expensive side, I will certainly try to beat my distance next time. Organisation was outstanding, race course was clear and people were helpful. I think you can't do much about the road works... I'd appreciate a more systematic communication of the race results next time.”

Anonymous - 31.08.2015

“ - ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 31.08.2015
“Speechless I see. :-)”

Rhys W. - 30.08.2015

“Another Great Event by Race ME - Well planned event with a decent goodie bag. Track was good and not too hot. Will be back to beat my own distance at the next event. Thanks to Andy and the team at Race ME. ”

Paolo D. - 30.08.2015

“Great event - Really great event and very nice goodie bag (and look forward to the named+time trophy too!). Would be good have at least three of these throughout the season. Also, but very minimal point, it would be great to have some sort of consolidated timing post-event posted on FB or as a spreadsheet on email: while I know this isn't supposed to be'a race' I would love to see how the rest of the pack did, and how one stacks up. PS. congrats to those rockets out there yesterday - some crazy fast times!!”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 30.08.2015
“Results will be coming once I collect all data from the every entrant. Give it another 48 hours.”

Sean B. - 29.08.2015

“Good to benchmark for improvement - It all went very well, from hearing about it, through to registration and all very good on the day, well organised and will do it again ! A very nice bunch of people running the event.”

Adrian K. - 29.08.2015

“Excellent, well organised, well supported! - Good communication, clear instructions before and at the event, helpfull volunteers, nearest we get to a proper Time Trial!”

Swen M. - 29.08.2015

“Great event - Suggestion for next time. Close AQ until last starter left and then then let public go clockwise as well. ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 30.08.2015
“AQ is a public track and can quite easily handle small-medium events alongside the public. We managed ALL clockwise traffic from 5:25am to 6:10am through public posts on Facebook and having a marshal in the carpark and at the top of the stick. Public users were asked to ride anti-clockwise.”

Christopher G. - 29.08.2015

“Excellent season opener. Great benchmarking event - Another well organised Race ME event.”

Talal A. - 29.08.2015

“Awesome event & super recommended! - It was a GREAT event, very well organized & with awesome volunteers. My first 1hr TT and hopefully one of more to come. Can't wait for next one!”

Liz V. - 29.08.2015

“Nothing better than a race to test your 1hr limit - Excellent way to push just that little harder :)”

Hasan I. - 29.08.2015

“Great inaugural event.Thank you, fantastic morning - Thoroughly enjoyed it, unique event testing one's limits, and very well seeded to push you hard.Thanks a lot, will definitely do that again.”

Ahmed S. - 29.08.2015

“Great event and perfect organisation! - Great event! Many thanks to Andy and everyone else involved for a perfect organisation. Communication was very clear, all arrangements were spotless, organisers were super helpful and the riders were fast! I really hope this becomes a regular and more frequent event. Collecting all the results fed by the riders might be challenging but I trust the team will do its best. And thanks in advance for the crystal trophy! Careful Andy you are raising the bar for all other events now! :)”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 29.08.2015
“The bar is there to be raised all pay good money to do our events and it is our aim to over deliver on expectation. Thanks for your support of RACE.ME events.”

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