Swim for Clean Seas 2018

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Anonymous - 10.04.2018

“Great swim event! - Lovely Friday morning swim event, it was really great to see so many different people and from different age groups getting together for a good cause. The swim itself on Saadiyat was beautiful and it was wonderful to see people in Abu Dhabi taking the initiative to organise such an event. My only complaint is that the process of registering was rather tedious.”

Anonymous - 09.04.2018

“A fun event - The event was fun and ran smoothly. There was some conflict between the course instruction give on the beach and then the instruction given by the kayaker in the water. ”

David T. - 09.04.2018

“Well done - Great event and an even greater location. Saadiyat Beach Club is one of the best locations to swim in the region. Thanks!”

Irene R. - 08.04.2018

“ - This was my first competitive swimming event and I had no idea what I was doing. I was VERY nervous and would have appreciated some kind of help desk for newbies so that someone could talk me through what happens at these events. However, once I got started I really enjoyed the swim and loved the finish line with everyone clapping! Looking forward to doing it again! ”

Andrew C. - 08.04.2018

“What a wonderful morning! - A very well run event. Wonderful way to spend a Friday morning. Thank you Felicia and Almer ”

Anonymous - 08.04.2018

“Amazing! - It was a fantastic event that brought together all components beautifully! How lucky we are to swim in clean seas and learn more about what we need to do to maintain and keep our seas clean. I also really appreciated how it was an event for everyone, I saw a mix of athletes and also met several swimming open seas for the first time. MC was humorous and energetic and the giveaways really reflected the message...no disposable plastic! Look forward to the next!”

Alessandro C. - 08.04.2018

“A perfect day for the cause!! - Something happen to make this event a memorable day. Suddenly the sea became flat, the wind stopped, a few curios dolphins came closed to the shore, people were all in peace. So many families, kids and athletes joined to support the most important resource we have on our planet. Well done guys! this should be the first of a long series of beautiful races! The rest is irrelevant, if a buoy was too small or if we actually swam 2000k instead of 1600K....we all did it for a great cause! ”

Thieab A. - 07.04.2018

“A great day supporting for a great cause! - Its a great day out enabling you to swim the sea. The swim was fun and the sea was beautiful, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. It was great to see there was no plastic Waste caused at this event which was great, it lived up to its message. A worth while event to go to for all!”

Anonymous - 07.04.2018

“Need better buoy markers & more awareness - Thank you for the great intentions behind this race. It would have been really great to have a talk at the beginning regarding clean seas. I was really disappointed by the lack of awareness raising activities for those participating , not just kids. The markers were really lacking —> those red buoys were invisible with the wavy waters. Pls use larger next time. Some of the comments by one of the MCs were really inappropriate and distasteful, esp at a family friendly event!”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 07.04.2018
“Thank you for your feedback. We apologise if you missed the speech by Arabella on the environment. We were to have had a further commentary by the Sea Shepherd team, unfortunately permits for the presentations were not in place in time. The Swim bouys issues with weights/tides which we will rectify in the future and also on we apologise for the comments by our MC that were deemed inappropriate...sorry ...”

Charles M. - 06.04.2018

“Amazing family event!! - Our thanks and appreciation to the organisers - what a wonderful event for the whole family ”

Tanika M. - 06.04.2018

“moving bouys - Although it was mentioned timeously. The buoys moved a lot therefore athletes did not complete the course appropriately”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 07.04.2018
“Thanks Tanika, We are working on rectifying the weights and positioning for future events ”

Markus K. - 06.04.2018

“Great Race - Great Race thanks to the team org. ”

Dominik J. - 06.04.2018

“Wonderful event to raise awareness - Beautiful venue, very educational and fun for the kids. Race pack collection was quick and fabulously organized, our son - who swam in the quarter mile race - loved the giveaways! He didn't mind the waves either, and said the water temperature was lovely! Very friendly atmosphere, will definitely be back next time! Thank you!!!! ”

Carla B. - 06.04.2018

“FUN FOR YOUNG AND YOUNGER - Great swim, great location. Buoys could be moved a bit deeper into the ocea . Love the water bottle & bag Event was slightly delayed but every year will offer space for improvement. Overall a great event!”

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