Super Sports Mina Mile Swim Series: 2/2

6 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 18.03.2018

“Fantastic, safe race - I have taken part in this event twice now and loved both. The organisation and planning is fantastic and it is such a safe event for all. Great support from the lifeguards and organisers and such a lovely venue. Highly recommend”

Markus K. - 14.03.2018

“Great race - Great event”

GroWings Coaching O. - 11.03.2018

“A slick and professionally organised event. - Other than the mile feeling very congested, and me losing so much time trying to swim around slower swimmers, it was a great event. I'm not sure what the solution for this is as I believe that the organisers changed this to a mass start based on previous complaints (which is a good thing). It was just disappointing to find myself racing at a pace slower than my slowest training pace...”

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