Sharjah Ladies Run 2018

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8.2 Loved it Maryam Al Rajaby · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“I loved that it was exclusively for women! Where we're free with our attire. It's a lovely initiative to get locals and expats who are men-shy to get active. This is a start for them and hopefully with time things would get more professional. I agree there were ladies who were there as a 'fun run', but there were others who were competing. All in all it combined both fun and competition! ”

7.7 Super fun atmosphere to keep fit! Lynn Dougan · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“The pre and post run atmosphere was amazing fun. The start time could have been more on time. The run route itself was extremely boring but not sure how to change that. I will participate again next year!”

7.5 expert runner · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes

“Leave the competition between normal people not Olympus runner ”

3.9 Disappointing!!! · Participation 4 times I would take part again No

“Late start, same ugly plastic medal for the past few years! So many cheats and nobody to stop them. Should be called a fashion show not a run. The whole event is a joke! It is such a shame that the event promotes a party atmosphere instead of encouraging ladies to be more active. Ladies were NOT dressed for a run and blocked the way of real competitive runners- you need to organise a fun run without timing and prize money for these type of ladies. Extremely disappointed!!”

6.8 there were no changes same as last year · Participation 3 times I would take part again Maybe
5.7 A good event but better set up needed · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“In principal this is a great event with many ladies participating in a fairly relaxed environment with a good vibe. However, as an international participant more communication is needed regarding race pack collection and when I arrived no one had any idea where my race pack was. Also there was not a bag drop area, again not ideal for international participants. The race also started late and the medal is of a poor quality. At the end there were many walkers in 5k affecting 10K finishing runners.”

9.8 I love this event! Marta Bialko · Participation 4 times I would take part again Yes

“Last year you has a snack (banana & coconut water) at the end of the line. That was very good for tired body. Why you didn't have it in this year? I also saw few girls cutting the distance (walking across the grass), I hope you have a solution to solve their score. Overall, it's a great event to encourage young girls to do more sport.”

7.0 More improvement Mira Achkar · Participation 3 times I would take part again Yes

“It would be more appropriate if girls with inappropriate clothing won’t be allowed to race just to show their clothes; it would be more organized if a “fun run” is arranged for those kids who are there to show off their clothes and take selfies and snap chat during the run. Some participate to compete and not for fun only; this should be respected ”

7.3 Medals & Water Stations to be improved! · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“Medals for the 10km and 5km distances should NOT be the same. There were only 2 water stations thoughout the course even for the 10km and on the way back both the ladies and the water are gone! All were designed and catered for the 5km run. ”

9.8 Amazing · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes
7.3 Great but needs more “Neon” aesthetics · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Loved the concept but neon run wasn’t that neon. Overall would definitely recommend to friends and join next year. Great event and great idea!”

9.3 Would never miss it for the world · Participation 4 times I would take part again Yes

“Amazing atmosphere and side activities. Great crowd, route, music, DJ, zumba..etc The only downfall was the premiere timing service. Results on the website are wrong. Despite the half way scanners at the 2nd and 3rd round abouts, somehow the system failed to detect those who turned half way and went back or crossed over to the return route and then through to the finish line. On the actual event awarding the right winners were called but website is all wrong which is kinda disappointing.”

Comment from Premier Online - 11.03.2018
“Results on the website are accurate; they are the same results used for the event awarding which you've acknowledged was correct. There were quite a few runners who were ranked 'DQF' for not completing the registered course. It is not uncommon for information to be shared/informed 'post-event' which may affect ranking/results, this is the decision/judgement of the race officials/organizers.”

7.7 Great fun but chaotic · Participation 5 times I would take part again Yes

“I really live this event because of all the runners who aren't normally at events however the race never starts on time . Yesterday there was a 30 minute delay with no explanation. Water stations were only on one side of the road so for the sevond half of the rave there was no wster availsble. Lots of runners were turning at the wrong roundabouts as they erre not blicked off. This is shown by the number of dqs. None of this will stop me running it sgsin”

9.8 Great atmosfear great event Marie Lueger · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes
7.3 Good · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes
8.6 i wanna Repeat this day pleaseeee it was so funny · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“The time was very short however I had so much fun ”

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