Sharbatly Fruit / Go Sport Aquathlon Series 2015/16 Race 1

21 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 11.11.2015

“Great Family & Great Course - Great Event overall, giveaway could be better.”

Hasan I. - 11.11.2015

“Great venue & highly recommended race - Beautiful venue, nicely organized, and highly recommended. Will do this again for sure”

Anonymous - 10.11.2015

“Well organized - No comment ”

Diane G. - 10.11.2015

“Good event - Well organized, good event.”

Massimo C. - 10.11.2015

“Terrible organization - Run coure not included in downloadable documents on Prrmieronline Start altogether sprint/olympic/male/fem is ridiculous as there is a buoy at 100mt: carnage! Very avoidable Marshaling very poor and signage even poorer. Few athletes in the lead took wrong course and the missed the win! Ridicolous. Some of the marshals were not speaking even basic English Timing slow,inaccurate and age group totally messed up. People very pissed for such poor organization Typical making money only event ”

Natheer K. - 09.11.2015

“Great event - The event was great. I enjoyed it with my family and the kids. Needs to have more marshals. I wish results were published sooner. It was ready in few hours. ”

Juliette J. - 07.11.2015

“Nice event - Nice event”

Anonymous - 07.11.2015

“Hmmmmm? - Swim to run transition questionable, due to the building works in the area the carpark that had to be negotiated was busy with vehicles / heavy lorries... this was not ideal. ”

Ram S. - 07.11.2015

“Great event - Sorry the can't click any stars. Cannot rate properly”

Anonymous - 07.11.2015

“Overall great event - No proper marshaling from swim transition to run. From inside the car park very difficult to find the starting of track, unless you already race this event . To access the track you have to pass in between car and in addition you can enter on wrong track direction... without Marshal at track entrance to indicate you the right direction!!! a part of that grate race... next time I will know the run direction.”

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