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Anonymous - 27.03.2017

“Should this have gone ahead? - Summed up by: "There may be no water station at the 6km mark as volunteer safety needs to be considered, but it is perfectly safe to run. Whilst raining now, only question is lightening. If so, please make your way down, as we won't be able to come and get you." Not the most encouraging start to a race which in all honesty shouldn't have happened. t-shirt quality was very poor (why include?) and the only weather warning was sent quite late at night - nothing before that. ”

Chris S. - 26.03.2017

“AMAZING RUN!! - Great set up and great organization amazing staff and a really great run thank you!!”

Elizabeth D. - 26.03.2017

“Brilliant Challenge - Organizers did a fantastic job given the very difficult weather conditions. Hats off to the support team at the top of the mountain. Great Job - THANK YOU ”

Renier E. - 26.03.2017

“Fantastic - Well done to the organizers for organizing a great and well marked trail race! So glad that you didn't cancel it due to the rain as this was one of my best race experiences in 11 years of running and living in the UAE!! Please arrange for the same weather in 2018 ;-) ”

Dariusz S. - 26.03.2017

“Excellent - Extreme weather made this event more memorable. Very well organised. Perfect marking of the trail which was very useful and important in such a weather. Remarkable event.”

Susanne E. - 26.03.2017

“Hard but great - It was an amazing event and thank you so much for not cancelling it with all this rain. It was a tough one but a lot of fun as well. Great spirit. The only thing I might add next year: the evening before the event, you should tell everyone staying at the hotel, to come down to the terrace and have a "get to know each other" drink.”

Bryce A. - 26.03.2017

“Outstanding Trail Race - Whether you run the 12, 24 or 45km race you are sure to be impressed with the variety of challenges this race offers. It is not for the faint hearted and I suggest you have some trail running experience you before taking it on. It is a MUST on your race calender for 2018 and any other Urban Ultra organised race! Thanks to everyone involved and would rank in my top 5 of trail running events from around the world over 15 years.”

Daniel V. - 26.03.2017

“Weather made for a great event. - Great job done by the organisers under very testing circumstances. And top marks for not calling the event off due to a bit of rain!”

Ricardo L. - 26.03.2017

“Great Event - 2017 event was marked with a rough start due to extreme weather conditions but the professionalism of the team made it a remarkable event. Water stations complete and well spaced, markings were visible and easy to follow. Very well done. keep it this way.”

Kim L. - 25.03.2017

“A super tough but awesome and well organised race! - This is a great race, with some challenging ascents and fun down hill sections. Really well organised and the event organisers were totally unphased by the crazy weather conditions - they were brilliant and ensured the race could continue. Beautiful scenery, great running and a fab crew organising it! Big thumbs up! ”

Anonymous - 25.03.2017

“Nice event ,even the weather is not nice... - Amazing one”

Kevin R. - 25.03.2017

“A Brilliant Event, thank you Urban Ultra - An amazing recovery from awful weather conditions at the start, very well done Louise, Pascale and team”

Anonymous - 24.03.2017

“Fabulous event, excellent course & awesome team - Thank you Urban Ultra once again”

Thomas B. - 24.03.2017

“Excellent race and organization. Really poor hotel - Really nice and interesting race, even if the weather was bad. Hard enough with nice organizers. However the partner hotel is absolutely terrible, the breakfast before the race was disgusting and inappropriate for race like this. If you wanted to relax after the race, the spa was totally not clean, old. I wish to find a trail with distance between 15K and 20K.”

Richard P. - 24.03.2017

“First time - superb. Coming back - Really well organised. Horrific conditions for the organisers at the start but they were in control and handled everything brilliantly. Really tough course but thoroughly enjoyed it. Coming back. ”

Jeriel H. - 24.03.2017

“Another tough yet challenging race! - Despite the weather, the event was a go. Wasn't expecting to be cancelled. Everyone's spirit of challenge is high. Way to go organizers. ”

Abraham V. - 24.03.2017

“A good impression spoilt by poor organization - In spite of advance forecasts showing very unstable and potentially dangerous weather the event wasn't shifted, and I landed up at the start line. But I changed my mind in an instant when someone in charge announced that the solitary support station was being withdrawn and that emergency help wouldn't be available because it was too risky for them to go up. And then she calmly waved-off a bunch of people into the hills with total disregard for their safety. That's just completely unacceptable.”

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