Saadiyat Splash Swim Meet

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Jan T. - 12.10.2015

“Very well organized - Some indication outside and from parking area towards pool would have been helpful. How can we see/receive time results ? For the rest, very nice race and congratulations to all organizers and student volunteers to make this a successful event. Well done.”

Mark A. - 12.10.2015

“Excellent race, very well done! - The organizers were efficient and friendly. Great pool! I would do this race again (hopefully faster!).”

Anonymous - 10.10.2015

“Well organized, excellent facilities and cheap - Not received timing yet, but it is still soon”

Roland A. - 10.10.2015

“Very professional and smooth organisation - With so many different distances, age groups, 2 genders and different stroke types it is not possible for the organisation to plan all the starting times before the registration is closed. However, indicating that the event will start at 9am is very little information for a potential competitor living in the area, who may not have the whole day off. Suggestion: next time please make known what the order of events will be and when the event is likely to be closed. Congratulations overall, thanks”

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