Old School Challenge

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Anonymous - 06.03.2018

“waste of money - Worst management & organisation you guys should take some training sessions from desert warrior challenge management team then you will know how to organise a ocr event.”

Magdalena M. - 05.03.2018

“Lack of organization - No information prior to the race about start times so the timing is not correct which is such a shame when you have prize money for winners! On the course some of the obstacles were broken so only one person at a time could complete the obstacle making long waiting time for your turn. When you pay this amount for a race you would expect that the organization is more professional.”

Anonymous - 04.03.2018

“Very bad organization. The bathrooms did not had w - The event promise awards to the winners I know I came second place and they had some problems with the chips so they did not announce winners . We stayed until 3 pm for the award ceremony and it never happened. If an event promise something they have to do it.”

Anonymous - 04.03.2018

“Event was over by the time I arrived at 10am - Despite the website saying starting waves were ongoing between 8.30am and 3.30pm, when I showed up at 10am officials said there were problems and there are no timing chips were left. It seemed everyone else arrived earlier because no-one else was on the course. DJs and warm-up had finished. Water stations were empty. Zip line broken. Sail hoist broken. Some other obstacles closed. Tire wall was about 8m high with no safety - someone will die if they slip. Last obstacle closed. No medals left. ”

Blair A. - 04.03.2018

“Good course/track. Chaotic registration. - I commend the track/course but the pre/onsite registration/post event organization is very poor compared to the other OCR events in the country. I expected some glitches as it was the first event for this organizer but I didn't expect as many. No pre-event communications. The on-site registration was chaotic. The waves were changed. Bibs etc an obstacle in itself. No lockers for car keys etc. Not enough marshals for the dangerous obstacles. No post event communications. Loads to improve. Thanks.”

Anonymous - 03.03.2018

“very very bad organization - Start with the good : even Theme is good and unique , the medal looked so cool. the bad: Zero organization from the start, all the staff dont know anything except for one local guy,every other staff were useless. random wave timing, stacking at obstacle bcz no option but to wait and cue up. marshalls not strict so most ppl skip obstacle, last obstacle (kids blocking the way) , obstacles extremely easy! it looked like running race. suggest: learn from spartan, and ocr races ,this race worst eve”

Wataru T. - 02.03.2018

“Confused - Many participants were confused ”

Jasem A. - 02.03.2018

“It was great - We did not recive any infromaton about the starting time. Over all it was like fistvil. I spent great time with the kids and in 4sure for the next 1.”

Anonymous - 02.03.2018

“Not bad - They should separate the kids from adult and also made the obstacle comfortably not damage”

Hendi A. - 02.03.2018

“Good luck for next event - Need bags safe area Better Control in each obstacle”

Corrie B. - 02.03.2018

“Great course, poorly organised - I didn't revive any pre race communications. No bib number or start time. I didn't know when to show up. I arrived at 8am and there was a massive queue to find out registration details. The workers were overwhelmed and unprepared. When i finally got my bib number, it was after my start time. So I missed my wave. The timing chips start at the wave start time instead of the time when I actually steered, so my time had been running for 15 mins before I actually started. I need more room to comme..”

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