Millennium Triathlon 2017

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Overall Rating
Simone Z. - 31.10.2017

“Nice event, good organization - The event was well organized. Explanations, places for athletes and route was clear and safe. Only some remarks: - location is not the best for scenic - cycling or running for many loops is boring - start time too late, Olympic finished in the dark and part of the running route was without lights - resort didn't allow families to use facilities there's space for some improvement!”

Birgit S. - 30.10.2017

“Well organized race with great volunteers - The venue was perfect, flat, with closed roads. Good-humored marshalls were placed at every significant turn and there were enough water stations along the bike and run course. The distances were very accurate. I loved the ice pool inside the recovery zone, also the fruits and drinks. It would have been good to have some more lights along the run course, as it was pretty dark after sunset. The Sailfish stall had some very good offers. Overall a great event.”

John J. - 29.10.2017

“Great location, well organised - Overall excellent event, needs to be better supported by participants.”

Warren G. - 29.10.2017

“Good event but some room for improvement - Generally good event but some things that could be improved: 1. Family members being allowed to use hotel facilities during the event (needed to purchase additional day passes) 2. Timing results only showed total event time. Swim/Bike/Run splits should be recorded. 3. Advance course details such as there being an off-road section on the run course. I missed the turning as I wasn;t expecting it and the point didn't have a marshall.”

Anna P. - 29.10.2017

“A fun race with great potential - Good atmosphere, friendly marshals and good organisation. Please consider starting the Olympic Distance race earlier by 1/2 hour to 1 hour before the Sprint Distance race. It will be a better atmosphere for all participants if there were more people on the course at the same time, and avoid the OD athletes being out there late into the evening. A water station straight after the bike ride would be handy, also, are there timing splits coming? Well done.”

Ryan J. - 28.10.2017

“Great but could be better - This was a really nice event with friendly volunteers and a good vibe, but there was rap music blaring when I was trying to prepare for the race with full on swearing and families and kids hearing it. The swim and bike courses were very good but slower Olympic participants had to run across rough ground and sand in the pitch black. There were even metal stakes on the run course which could cause very serious injury. A path laid with glow sticks would have helped. This race could start at 2 pm.”

Cledion T. - 28.10.2017

“Everyone is a winner - Triathlon is a sport were our greatest competitor is ourselves, of course other contenders race competitively. A great course for aspiring triathletes due to its flat course but one has to be fast as it disappointing to be overtaken (admit it). This is my second event with MTC/Tri-ME and I must tell that they are both good but this Millennium Triathlon is hands-down. The arrangement was superb, well attended by atleast 15 different nationalities. Professionally organized event, thank you.”

Sergio D. - 28.10.2017

“Timing & Result - I miss the partial timing for each section and the transition. Pace should be also included and an overall view of all participants and results.”

May A. - 28.10.2017

“Nice atmosphere and friendly volunteers - The swim and bike route were perfect... However on the bike it was not clear where to go after the second u turn.... The run route can be better... Lots of sand and it was dark. The aid stations requires more than just water... No sports drinks or food... It would have been great if there were timing system in and out of transition and the beginning and end of each stage... ”

Mishal A. - 28.10.2017

“Time of the race - The one thing I’ll mention is the timing of the race , I did the Olympic solo & it was getting dark & the lightning wasn’t good in most of the runing coarse . Either start the race early or have light along the whole coarse . ”

Dick K. - 28.10.2017

“Good event - Was expecting more participants to join the event. Support aid station should have some electrolytes drink. Course was nice and flat but a little bit boring as it is only back and forth the same loop. Should've had some live results posted online”

Baqir A. - 28.10.2017

“Great event, needs more participants - Excellent opportunity to develop this sport in the region. Souhld have Lumi (glow in the dark) sticks on the run track. Not all age categories were awarded. ”

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