Labour Run 10K & 3K - Run So They Can Run 2016

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Juma L. - 25.10.2016

“Enthusiasm and happiness on the labor faces. - It was a great pleasure to participate in The Dubai Labor Run 2016 last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very well organized event with proper signage , refreshments and other logistics. I was really impressed and pleased to see the enthusiasm and happiness on the faces of the residents of Sonapur. ”

Jonathan R. - 24.10.2016

“Be proud as part of labour run and run along with - Fantastic community event!”

Elyn D. - 24.10.2016

“Great Community Run - Looking forward to join next.......”

Jon Z. - 23.10.2016

“An awesome event "Labor Run Edition 2" - It was really a superb experience of feeling joy on the faces of labors and the gifts being offered to them were valuable and useful. It was really with the purpose of facilitating the labor community. Dubai Police and RTA have offered the best services to that noble cause. Now really keen to get any update about Labor Run Edition 3.”

Syed Zain Ul Abidin B. - 23.10.2016

“Feel Happy for the Community :) - Race started with a bit of delay but the rest was great. Specially, the cause for Laborers' Families welfare, the participation of people from different trades of life and the overall spirit of the event was great. Keep up the great work... ”

Seb P. - 23.10.2016

“8.3K - I'm not sure i would have signed up if i'd known the route wasn't cleared with the authorities, which rather changed the length..........but somehow this was fine !”

Anonymous - 23.10.2016

“Well Organised - Good initiative very well organised event by Dubai Sports Council Big Thanks to all the organiser and to Dubai Police . We hope to see many more events for this cause as our labourers work day and night to make dubai one of the best place in the world.They do deserve much more. Once again thanks a lot to Dubai Sports Council organiser and to dubai police”

Colin G. - 22.10.2016

“Great Idea - Not the best organisation - Love the idea of a run for the labourers. It was really nice to have the chance to join in with them. Being told 2 minutes before the start that the 10k was now 8.2k was not so good. I guess the police didn't think the whole road closure thing through. The shortened distance took the gloss off a great event. At least the 3k runners covered their distance.”

Odessa D. - 22.10.2016


Wilma P. - 22.10.2016

“Superb Community Run - We have seen joy on labours faces as they enjoyed a lot along with professional and social runners. well done Team Sports UAE”

Veronica P. - 22.10.2016

“It was great Event - I really enjoyed a lot and we are glad with facilities what they provided. there were at least 10 police cars and 5 police bikes along with us throughout the course .”

Anonymous - 22.10.2016

“8.2k os not 10k - Distance changed on the day”

Craig J. - 22.10.2016

“Nice event which helps others - There was as slightly chaotic air about the event with a last minute change in course and an awards ceremony that was a bit over the top but a great community spirit and worthwhile event in supporting the labourers. I would happily do this event again”

Caroline L. - 22.10.2016

“Inequality - I believed this to be for the labourers so it was fine that the organisation wasn't great, the route was short by 2km. Difficult to find, location map should be provided. If you are going to make this a men's race you are going the right way. You do not say in your blurb below only men will win vouchers, women excluded! The 10Kwinners in each age category will receive special trophies, Medals, T-Shirt, Cap, Vouchers, and lucky draws for all participants.3K ”

Prem P. - 21.10.2016

“Can organize better ! - Can organize better ! I liked the way Labors are encouraged.”

Andi P. - 21.10.2016

“Good cause - little bit more organisation needed - Water stations being stocked with enough water for all competitors.”

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