Jebel Jais Cycling Challenge

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Overall Rating
Andrzej S. - 09.11.2017

“How to ruin a prosperious great race! - SAFE race - Open roads for cars were no an issue High price for poor organization and NO freebies No toilets in the range of 5 km from the starting point Very bad rocky parking with poor number of parking lots My starting number was given to somebody else 42 km instead of 46 km race distance Water was given by Non-organisers from cars poor water station Summit finish with 3 km less distance No medals for finishes No water @ the top Looking for strong improvement to enjoy next race!”

Anonymous - 06.11.2017

“Superb location, poor event - Medal and t-shirt were promised. They ran out of them so nothing recieved.”

Anonymous - 06.11.2017

“Shocking organisation - Shocking organisation. Bad parking and NO TOILETS! They run out of medals and T shirts even though they knew how many people signed up. Very poor water stations too. The course it’s was great but the organisation needs to improve!”

Urban Ultra O. - 06.11.2017

“Shocking organisation - From the UAE Cycle Federation, we expect much, much more. No water for 80% of the course. Race start too late at 7.40am. No medal. No T-Shirt. But more importantly. No results? Manual timing can work on a climbing finish, but times do need to be taken, for ALL riders not just the top finishers. Lots of room for improvement.”

Anonymous - 05.11.2017

“Poor value and organisation - A 46 km race that was only 43km long and finished someway short of the summit of Jebel Jais. 'Support stations' refused to give water to some cyclists. Others finishing later did not get a medal as despite knowing how many participants had registered, there weren't enough medals provided. UAECF should be setting an example, but instead they appear to have a lot to learn from other organisations who have been putting on events in UAE.”

Panayotis C. - 05.11.2017

“Great route, problems with organization - First, we have to admit that this race was an improvement to the badly organized AQ one a few weeks ago. However, the upgrades were just things that we would have taken for granted with other organizers. There's still a lot of room for improvement. The two worst things about this race: a. Lack of communication (it was even 1km shorter than what announced, which at a summit finish makes a huge difference on how one allocates one's resources). b. Safety. Where was the police? ”

Anonymous - 05.11.2017

“Poorly organised but I enjoyed it. - No toilets at the start, difficult parking, poor water stations, very poor communication overall regarding the race. ”

Joel O. - 04.11.2017

“Event is not worth taking part in - My friends and i were very excited to go to jebel jais for the first time but how this event was organized is worth forgeting. Here are the facts: 1. They provided some of the cysclist 1 pc of participant number and later announced that those who do not have 2 numbers will be disqualified 2. No toilet facility. 3. No announcement of rules which leads to 4. Their support car will harass you and tell you to back off if you try to join the end of an "exclusive" peloton. 5. No medals & t-shirt.”

Chikku G. - 03.11.2017

“One of the worsly conducted event - I would consider this event as one of the worsly conducted event I had participated in uae.They have not even bothered to give the medals for participants upon successful completion of the same and told that the medals are finished.How can such a thing happen telling medals are finished.I would never consider again going for this event.They lack the professionalism for conducting an event.”

Anonymous - 03.11.2017

“Improved upon Al Qudra event - Race pack collection much more efficient, only issue was roadside support running out of drinks during the climb for back half of the field. ”

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