JLL Triathlon Series 2018/2019 - Race 2

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 20.01.2019

“Enjoyable race - Fun race but a bit too pricey. ”

Anonymous - 15.01.2019

“Good organisation - Good organisation and safe environment things to improve: 1- swim course 2- Bike course: full of speed bumps and holes in the road ”

Sara K. - 15.01.2019

“Great venue for this superb event! - As always, Race ME carefully planned and organised this event, which ran smoothly from the registration process on line right through to the fabulous post race breakfast! Very friendly and helpful volunteers and marshals, clear instructions and signs for the course and a wonderful atmosphere all round. Looking forward now to the JLL Series 3 event in February!!”

Anonymous - 13.01.2019

“one of the best triathlon comminity events - Would like to see the rankings in the results”

Martin W. - 13.01.2019

“Love this event! - Great event! Last year was my first ever attempt at a Tri, and having done a few events now, the JLL is still my favourite. I particularly like the slightly quieter, less crowded feel of the January race which is good for us beginners, and probably helps the more experienced clock a good time. Race ME organisation spot on as always, and the volunteers and marshals on raceday were fantastic.”

Mike B. - 13.01.2019

“Top Shelf Event - The race was Top Shelf in every way. Event was well ran, race MC was very informative, the hotel was outstanding letting the race "take over" the grounds, post race breakfast was 5 Star. ”

Colin R. - 13.01.2019

“Always enjoyable - I participate not to get on the podium, but to finish. Triathlon is a very personal challenge for me. I typically finish around 1:52:00ish, so by the time I am finishing my run, there are people clearing their bikes away and walking down the track to breakfast with no consideration for those who are still completing the event. At JLL 1 a guy walked straight into me as I was running and in this event, someone pushed their bike in front of me as I was running up the hill. Can you stop this?”

Gerda S. - 13.01.2019

“Fun, friendly, Well organized - Thank you for making my First triathlon memorable. Perfectly organized and definitely worth doing. As a first timer it was simple to get round as everything was well marked and plenty of marshals before and during the race. Great event overall!!”

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