JLL Triathlon Series 2018/2019 - Race 1

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Thea J. - 20.12.2018

“Very good event - Really nice event in a beautiful scenery. Great race overall. The breakfast is becoming quite an annoying thing. Before as parents not competing, we were allowed to come in, be with our children and just not eat if we were not willing to pay the additional breakfast. In the last event, they would not let in the parents just willing to be with their children and we had to wait outside. I believe the organization should trust the fact that we will not eat. Otherwise the ceremony should be outsid”

Dominik J. - 10.12.2018

“My son will definitely be doing this event again - Our 10 year old has raced in a few events organized by RaceME Events, this was his second race at this venue. We loved attending this event, and everything from registration, to detailed pre-race communication, help with getting to the venue in the dark, race pack collection, race briefing, help from always smiling staff before, during and after the race, the fabulous breakfast for the racers, all the way to post race results and photos make this one of our favorite events and event organizers! ”

Anonymous - 09.12.2018

“Not responsible for going wrong way - I entered my child in this race for the first time. The location was great and the course was good. However, my child along with other participants were told to go straight at a cone instead of turning the way they should have gone. Another mum told me she was told they didn’t take responsibility for participants going the wrong way as they should have known from the map sent before.Really? I looked at the map afterwords and would have not been able to follow it, let along during a race.Terrible”

Anonymous - 09.12.2018

“A bit pricey but a great experience - First time, had a great time will definitely do again. ”

Sara K. - 09.12.2018

“Great atmosphere, wonderful event! - Once again, an extremely well organised and enjoyable event!! Super venue, friendly and helpful volunteers around the course and a fabulous breakfast to round up a great morning!! ”

Hugo C. - 09.12.2018

“good but with room for improvement - The cycling track was not very safe.. big speed bumps, road in bad condition. the definition of the circuit shall be improved for the next event”

Douglas W. - 09.12.2018

“A top quality event - Really well organised and most enjoyable. It was a memorable experience taking part. Cutting out on-the-day registration by having everything waiting for you in the drawstring back at transition is a brilliant idea. Need to cut some gaps in the humps next!”

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