JLL Triathlon Series 2017/2018 - Race 3

3 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Lisa F. - 11.02.2018

“Can’t help mother nature - As always a great event. Disappointing we didn’t do a triathlon but the correct decision was made by event organisers. Thank you for your hard work in making all three races such an enjoyable experience for a newbie like me ”

Barry W. - 10.02.2018

“Disappointing but completely understandable - Heavy fog spoiled the race but the organizers were wholly justified in not swimming (couldn’t see the turn around point) or cycling (road is only partially closed meaning cars/cyclists/fog is not a healthy combination). Turned out to be a very expensive 5km run but they did their best under very difficult circumstances. ”

Jon B. - 10.02.2018

“Good to see they took no risks - Very frustrating that we couldn't do two legs of the course, but kudos to the team for keeping safety in mind at all times and for very clear, consistent communications. Well managed.”

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