JLL Triathlon Series 2017/2018 - Race 2

16 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Yann Eric G. - 15.01.2018

“Great race - Very well organized as always”

Anonymous - 14.01.2018

“Another great event. - Yet another enjoyable event. Great organisation, breakfast, atmosphere and location / setting. Well done! Speed bumps have no place on a triathlon route though - perhaps temporary boarded ramps could be introduced over them, one lane at least? Timing was slightly awry - I definitely pressed my Garmin at exactly the start and quite a few seconds after the finish but my time was still less than the official time. Goody bag was slightly disappointing - I will never wear the fairly odd looking cap.”

Martin W. - 14.01.2018

“Great event - will be back - Big thank you to all the volunteers and marshalls. A well organised event. Although clearly signposted, a bit clearer marshalling at the roundabout at the end of the cycle by the hotel into transition area might help. I also seemed to have some issues this time with my live timing/official result but hopeful to sort this out with the organisers. ”

Thomas N. - 14.01.2018

“Overall great event - Will be participating again - The event overall is very well organised, its in a great scenic location and the course layout is great. Comments i would make is there were limited signage and marshalling where the bike route turns into transition (only spaced out cones). Still understandable but im sure there were a few people who took a wrong turn. Also regarding the bike route, the road is very rough tarmac in places, enough to shake a few things lose. There are speed bumps and potholes. ”

Sara K. - 14.01.2018

“A fabulous way to spend a Saturday morning!! - A very well organised and most enjoyable event, with friendly and helpful marshalls and volunteers, great support from both fellow comptetitors and spectators, fabulous venue and a great breakfast to round off the morning!”

Magdalena M. - 14.01.2018

“Well organised - Great race and as always very well organised”

Anonymous - 14.01.2018

“Great event - Great event, just need better marshalling”

Radek P. - 13.01.2018

“Nice spent morning - I love this event - venue is great, organization improving with every race, post race breakfast and award announcements is great idea. Just those speed-bumps on the road makes me nuts :-) ”

Pratik D. - 13.01.2018

“It was a nicely manage event - Lovely well managed event with over Enthusiastic support staff. I hope next year you can add OLYMPIC Distance as to come this far just to do sprints seems a bit unfair :-) ”

Lisa F. - 13.01.2018

“Great event!! - Thoroughly enjoyed and totally recommend. Thank you to everyone involved. ”

Mark P. - 13.01.2018

“Great Event at a great location - The event was very well organised and run on the day. Brilliant day. Thanks to the staff and volunteers :) Note: Only one small point, maybe a sign or two from the outside car park to registration as nobody was around and we got lost.”

Ralph J. - 13.01.2018

“Great event and well organised as always. - Thanks to all Organisers and volunteers.”

Cassandra L. - 13.01.2018

“A big thank you. - I knew something wasn’t right on my bike leg. I want to say a big thank you to the team that shouted I had a flat (British gentleman at the top of the stick) and for allowing me a lift back to transition. I did the run, just for fun. But couldn’t have done it without the support. Cheers.”

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