Ironstar Indoor Triathlon - Race 3

12 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Michiel S. - 31.07.2018

“Fun event, well organised - thank you! - Really enjoyed the event! A bit too hot inside for the runners who did not have an extra airco, unlike the cyclists :-) Food was nice, great prices!”

Diane G. - 30.07.2018

“Incredibly well organised, strong sponsor support - The Ironstar team does an phenomenal job of pulling this event together. From pre-event communications, to the energy of the volunteers, to the sponsor engagement, to the quality of the workout, not a detail is missed by this team. Congratulations to the organisers for continually pulling off an incredibly well-organised event! I'll be back!”

Sebastian H. - 30.07.2018

“Awesome event - Recommended to everyone! Few things to improve.”

Nitin V. - 29.07.2018

“Motivating event for Dubai Summers - Its a very good event for the beginners and especially for tri-athletes who want to keep their practice/ completion on in Dubai Summer.”

Anonymous - 28.07.2018

“enjoyed the event - Some confusion as where to place bags / stuff for transition ”

Ansar P. - 28.07.2018

“Very well organized event, the whole team is great - Very good event to beat the heat in the summer. Keep up the great work. ”

Ahmed G. - 28.07.2018

“Great event - Well organized, interesting event For people who want to try traithlon for the first time. ”

Krisztina V. - 28.07.2018

“Very friendly sport event - Supporting Marshall Team & very cool atmosphere”

Yolanda V. - 28.07.2018

“Enjoyed the events and made new friends - It would be great to have a score board. On the cycling to give individuals the opportunity to Push their limits and compete in a similar manner than outdoor- if we see a cyclist ahead of us we might pedal harder to pass them. Make use of a similar flip chart than the swimming- ”

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