Ironstar Indoor Triathlon - Race 2

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Ram S. - 14.08.2017

“Great event. Really fun event - Got to reduce on the cost to get regular and more entries. Lesser time between wave starts can reduce the overall time of the event. Lesser waiting Helps. ”

Maria H. - 14.08.2017

“Challenge your limits - What a great fun event to participate in, well organised with supportive race coordinators. I will definitely recommend this event to everyone. It's a great way of getting your training in whilst staying cool indoor.”

Mike B. - 12.08.2017

“Great fun! A really hard 1 hour workout! - A really well organized event. Great fun! A unique way to have a race in Dubai in the summer. The Fitness First location was excellent. The unique prizes from the sponsors made the event special and something to talk about. Definitely will participate again and recommend the race to others.”

Gustavo R. - 11.08.2017

“Great event and excellent organization - None”

Abishek N. - 11.08.2017

“Great Experience - Highly recommended for newbie and pro triathletes. Well organized event with amazing support staff.”

Nora I. - 10.08.2017

“Test your mental toughness - Great event with lots of amazing people including organizers who do all they can to make it fun and memorable day. the event is tough and it will test you "to the bone". Check it out and be prepared! Don't exhaust yourself the day before!”

Denys B. - 10.08.2017

“Amazing and challenging event - Very well organized event with a lot of friendly staff. I have hard time even to imagine how much effort it takes to organize this with a lot of participants, venue, sponsors and so on. And prizes were great too :)”

Syed Zain Ul Abidin B. - 07.08.2017

“Best indoor endurance experience.. - It was my second indoor triathlon and every movement of it was fun. Very well organised and I'll give it higher rating than the last one. Keep the good work going.”

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