Hilton Dubai Tower Race 2017

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Simon F. - 07.10.2017

“Well run and interesting event, I will do again - I got there at 6.30 as per your request but the race didn't start until after 8.30 2 hours of standing around wasn't good use of anyone time, something to think about ”

Mathieu P. - 02.10.2017

“Top organization - but quite confidential - Nice event with clear organization and good communication. Could be more promoted on Social Media & in JBR for next time to bring more people, sponsors & media! ”

Anonymous - 01.10.2017

“Good event, but setup can be improved. - Overall, great event and great reason to attend! Few comments which I think can make this event way better and smoother: - If it says on PremierOnline, that race pack collection is at 6.30, I would expect this to start at 6.30, not 07.00 or 7.30. - If it says during registration that race starts at 7.30, the expectations is that it will start more or less as promissed, but not 8.30 as it happend this year. From all other aspects everything was really nice and looking forward for 2018! ”

Tetiana M. - 01.10.2017

“Amazing event! - It was my first stairs climbing but certainly not the last! Great work of organizers and volunteers! Additional thanks to hotel staff who were supporting runners on every floor - you did amazing job! Nice gifts from sponsors and delicious breakfast from the hotel... Will definitely participate again! Thanks!”

Anonymous - 01.10.2017

“Superbly organised event - Super organisation, friendly, supportive, great atmosphere generous breakfast, wonderful views”

Roman K. - 01.10.2017

“NA - NA”

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