Go Sport / ASICS 12K, 8K and 4K Run Series 2015/16 Race 4

25 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 11.03.2016

“Well organised - A well organised event in comparison to a lot of others out there, but there is a lot of room for improvement, especially route. A new better route perhaps ”

Anonymous - 09.03.2016

“Another fun run - A fine, friendly event.”

Humberto Z. - 08.03.2016

“Well organized family friendly event - Great organization, well run events, just an Ok Scenery, can see the Burj. ”

Anonymous - 08.03.2016

“Course was too small. - The course was a bit boring. Running the same course 3 times was a bit repetitive ”

Anonymous - 07.03.2016

“Great Running Event! - I am not sure if my Garmin is right but it seemed that the 8km course is only 7.90??”

Gerda V. - 05.03.2016

“Very well organized - The time ipads did not work ie did not reflect timing”

Anonymous - 05.03.2016

“Excellent - An excellent well run event.”

Jovic Mohammed N. - 05.03.2016

“Happy Runner - I'm happy to be part of this event. Well organized and it was quick and fun. I even beat all my personal bests.”

Soleiman A. - 05.03.2016

“A really fun race for family and friends - Everything in the race was good , no problems occurred ”

David S. - 05.03.2016

“Great field and participation, boring course - I thought the event organisation and participation from so many people, groups and sponsors was great. However, I thought that Meydan would have bought a much more interesting course, other than a road through a building site several times. It was a perfectly timed warm up race for London”

Anish K. - 05.03.2016

“Pre-event notification missing - There was no pre-event notification or pre-event collection of anything. The medal is good but I do not know if I received the right medal for my race. My results were not available on the race results pod. ”

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